Report: Packers OL Bryan Bulaga Suffers Torn MCL Vs. Seahawks

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    Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga has been diagnosed with a torn MCL in his left knee, according to An MCL tear isn't as severe as an ACL tear, so Bulaga will return this season. However, as of right now, it hasn't been determined how long he'll be out. added that it takes two to four weeks for an MCL tear to heal.

    The Packers right tackle was injured in the second quarter when he got tangled up with teammate Richard Rodgers.

    Following Green Bay's 36-16 loss to the Seahawks, coach Mike McCarthy said his belief was that Bulaga had escaped serious injury.

    "As of right now, we do not fear a major injury," McCarthy said. "So, that's kind of where it stands. Until we get back and get the scans and everything, we'll know better, but right now, the trainers' words were they do not fear a major injury."

    The injury to Bulaga is bad news for a Packers offensive line that struggled after he left the game. One of the ugliest sequences for Green Bay's offense came in the second half and they both involved Bulaga's backup, Derek Sherrod.

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    Its time for the Packers to move on from Bulaga. He's old, tired and done.
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    Seriously? He's "old?" The tired and done is stupid enough on it's own, but the old is just asinine. He's 25 years old. He played very well vs an elite front in the first half and suffered a minor injury in the 3rd quarter. To even suggest they move on from Bulaga at this time is insane.