Return men as offensive options

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    Allen Rossum might see some time on offense, i believe the Bears are going to get Hester some snaps on O too. I certainly don't see the harm in trying but if they were so good wouldn't they have gotten a chance earlier? Or can either become the next Steve Smith?

    I think with some return men, they have a habit of trying to break the big play too much and if it doesn't happen, something usually goes badly wrong (ie, fumble or negative yards), whereas on a return, there is at least no following down or an effective on the next downs yardage allowing that litle bit more freedom.

    I do think any of these guys could make big plays on offense, but I also think they would be the most obvious candidates to make a killer mistake.
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    A defensive back at RB? That's awfully risky. He will be keyed on every time he's in a package. It could open up deception to help other plays on offense, but it seems to me that it would be tough for Rossum to make a big play himself. You'd have to draw up some pretty good plays for it to work. I'm guessing it doesn't happen.
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    Screens would be a favourite I guess, something where you can either try to create a wall like on a punt return or a wedge like on a kick return.
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    If it involves Mike Vick throwing a pass, it'll be a waste of time. :lol:
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    Michael Vick throwing a pass? No! Really? No way! LMAO