Rich Gannon Suggests Redskins Should Fire Vinny Cerrato

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    Former NFL QB Rich Gannon said this week he gave Redskins owner Daniel Snyder frank advice on Sunday that included a recommendation he fire personnel chief Vinny Cerrato. Gannon, in an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio, said he told Snyder his dysfunctional team is as bad as the perpetually-losing Raiders. "I could just get the sense that he was very uneasy, he was not happy with his football team, certainly not happy with the offense," Gannon told Sirius of his meeting with Snyder before the Redskins lost to the Chiefs on Sunday. Of Cerrato, he said: "Cerrato has not done a very good job there. They have not gotten enough of a return on their investment. I really question their philosophy on how you build your team. They spent a lot of money on high-priced veteran free agents. They've made some mistakes, some costly mistakes, and they haven't done a good enough job with the draft and player development. That's really where you build your football team. So this is a team that's really in shambles right now. I told the owner -- this is amazing, I'm sitting there talking to Dan Snyder -- I said, 'You need to have leadership, structure and discipline at EVERY level of your organization. And I think that clearly right now they have some issues."

    Source: USA Today
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    Agreed. He's a bigger overall problem then Zorn... then again he's only the puppet of the biggest problem... Dan Snyder.
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    Dan Snyder and BIG in the same sentence! The guy wears 3 inch platform shoes to hit 5'7".
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    Exactly! LMAO