RIP John Madden

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    We lost a true icon last night as John Madden passed away at 85 years old.

    My first reference to him, of course, is the videogame. I remember renting a Madden game in 1993 for the SNES and enjoying it a lot. Then I realized "hey!! It's the TV guy!!" and then I finally had the option of hearing him call a game (I was still learning English at the time, I remember understanding less than half the stuff he said). The more I learned about him, the more interested I got. Highest winning percentage for a coach in history, Super Bowl winner, great teacher.

    Rest in Peace, Coach Madden. You will be missed.
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    I still love to go back and watch old Eagles games from the 80's. My favorites are always when it's him and Summerall. They were the perfect combo of over-the-top and laid-back. He was so fun and unique that there has not been a color guy even close to him since. A true legend.

    RIP John.
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