Rob Chudzinski's Dislike Of Johnny Manziel Led To His Firing?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by WildMan, Jan 11, 2014.

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    the browns have to hold the record for drafting most failed qbs in the 1st round of the draft don't they? if they love him so much,why not give tebow a try cause he is at least as good as manziel is.
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    Disagree. I think Manziel is better than Tebow. Which isn't saying much.
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    i think that taking him a 1 is a huge mistake. maybe round best. some damn fool team will take him in the 1st round.
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    Regardless of how anyone feels about Manziel, I strongly disbelieve this story about firing a coach immediately after the final game because of the front office liking a particular player.

    They fired Chud what, almost six months before the draft? We're not even talking about a #1 overall situation either, nobody knows what's going to happen so far in advance of the draft.

    He was fired because the team has some decent players and should've won more games than it did. He made the decision to start Brandon Weeden early in the season and give him all the training camp time. After Hoyer was hurt, he went back to Weeden, and the team had a crapty second half.

    Chud put together the coordinators; they were excellent, and that's why he was hired. But players hecked up and weren't held accountable by him. Little and Bess both shouldve gotten benched sooner, things couldn't have been much worse in those spots. They told Chud to cut somebody to send a message and take control over the team back, make them realize freaking up isn't ok. He refused, so they decided to send that message themselves.

    It wasn't what I would've done, but if you ignore the fact that it was his first season, he hecked up plenty, and people have been fired for less. I would've kept him, but for these reasons, I can understand how they felt unable to trust him to be better in the future and wanted to go another direction.
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    wonder why josh mcdaniels decide to take his name out of consideration for the HC job?
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    If there is any "truth" then its because they like either Bortles or Carr. They dont have the #1 or even #2 pick so they cant just telegraph what they want to do and expect to be a able to do it. If someone else wants Manziel, they will trade up with the Rams and take the #2 pick

    IMO the Browns/Manziel bromance is manufactured