Robert Sarver: Cancel Culture's Latest Target

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    I’d like to preface this post by stating I am in no way defending Robert Sarver. What happens in the NBA’s upcoming investigations of him, his franchise and the culture he created there will ultimately determine his fate. The Association has set a clear precedent about what sort of behavior it will accept from its ownership (see: Donald Sterling). If Sarver, majority owner of the Phoenix Suns, is not forced to step down, he’ll at a minimum receive a hearty slap on the wrist, plus the gratuitous public ridicule that accompanies it.

    Here’s the latest on Sarver and why he’s come under fire. Allegations have surfaced of him showing Suns personnel pictures of his wife scantily clad as well as making some pretty racially charged statements. More details will most certainly emerge. I would like, however, to talk about one accusation in particular.

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