Roger Goodell Concerned About The Jaguars Future In Jacksonville

Discussion in 'Jacksonville Jaguars' started by SRW, Feb 5, 2010.

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    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed concern about the future of the Jaguars that failed to sell out all of its home games but one this season. "Despite the economy and despite other factors, you can't continue to have an NFL team with 40,000 people in the stadium," he said. Still, he said the league will work with the team to find ways to improve attendance.

    Source: USA Today
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    London Jaguars.......
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    Now you're laughing, but wait a year or two and you'll start to cry
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    Well Florida has 3 teams. There's two other states that have 3 teams, New York and Kalifornia. Question is can Florida/Jacksonville sustain a third team, the Jags from a revenue standpoint?
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    yes, i've always thought they put the jags way too close to the buccaneers. in addition, much of the population of florida are transplants from other areas of the country so they aren't as likely to inherit a 'hometown' fan base because people usually stick with the teams they grew up with.