Ron Jaworski Claiming Randy Moss Took Plays Off Sunday?

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Cletusaurus, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Cletusaurus

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    ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski saw something in the Patriots-Eagles game film that was troubling beyond what Philadelphia did in coverage to shut down Randy Moss on Sunday night.

    During a conference call with reporters yesterday, Jaworski, who will be in the booth for Monday night's game between the Pats and Ravens in Baltimore, claimed he saw Moss slacking off at times when his number wasn't called.

    Source: Karen Guregian, The Boston Herald
  2. ollysj

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    Sounds like the "old" Randy Moss
  3. dolphindude13

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    I saw the same thing from a couple of sideline shots. He was clearly frustrated. I don't think it will become a big issue though, no way in hell does most teams shut down Moss for the entire game. Brady will find a way to keep him involved.
  4. Rips Vikes

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    He still took 2-3 defenders with him though didn't he? Yawn!

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  6. DaBearsrule4ever

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    You just took the words right out of my mouth, LOL.
  7. K Train

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    thats what randy moss does, he can go cold at any moment.

    also i watched it, lito sheppard hecked him up at the line....i forever have respect for him now...thats not only ballsy, that takes alot of skill

    wrong. lito manned up on him, jammed him, made him look like a girl and then there was a safety over the top just in case....the single best way to cover moss..lito hung with him all night
  8. nastynate184

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    it was only a matter of time before it happened in new england

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    Tom Brady said that wasn't true,so good enough for me.
  10. K Train

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    thats shocking lol...a QB defending his diva WR...mind blowing
  11. TOP DAWG

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    I saw Brady on the sidelines tear Dillon a new butthole on national television when he was our star running back. If Moss needs his butt kicked it will get kicked, and it sure doesn't have anything to do with what anyone from the media sees or reports.
  12. K Train

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    were they undefeated on the verge of breaking all the records? did dillion give brady off the chart numbers?
  13. TOP DAWG

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    Back then Dillon was as important to us as Moss is this year. Moss has 1095 yards,71 receptions,16 tds in 11 games this year. Just think where'd he be if he wasn't taking off plays:icon_rolleyes:
  14. Sweets

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    Or still with the Raiders...:laughy32:
  15. BoltzRule

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    Brady may have torn Dillon a new one on the sideline but that's not even close to the same as calling out a player in an interview (which is where I'm assuming Brady talked about Moss.)

    Brady never called out Dillon using the media did he? You keep that stuff in the locker room, especially when you have a perfect record and everything is going right for you.
  16. nastynate184

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    o eat my butt that crap was low. i am still glad to be gone of his freaking douche bag butt even if he is back to playing excellent
  17. Spanky

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    For me Jaws is one of the more knowledgeable, and accurate of the bobble-head pundits on ESPN. But this was strictly opinion and to look at it from another perspective, Lito Shepard shut him down all game and frustration built, got into his head. It happens to all the greats who have off games, Johnson, Owens, Smith, et al..

    IMO everyone needed something to sink their teeth into, so why not build the actions of 1 game out of 11 into an Enron type of fiasco??? :icon_confused:
  18. Omen

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    damn moss and it seems TO cant get a break no matter how good of seasons they are having the media just keeps trying bring them down
  19. Sweets

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    hahahahahahahah I never said I liked the Raiders and if Moss was playing excellent why wouldn't any team want him, that's just dumb but I wouldn't worry about it, it's not like you have a QB to throw anything to him:scared: my 49ers we have no QB :(
  20. Cletusaurus

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    This is why you should never assume anything. Brady did not call Moss out in an interview. Brady DEFENDED Moss in an interview. I even posted a thread about it earlier this week. He basically said that no one can go 100% every single play when you call 54 pass plays like the Pats did last Sunday. Brady has said nothing but good things about Randy Moss since the trade brought him to New England.

    Brady called out Dillon on the sidelines, hell he even tore TROY FREAKING BROWN a new one on the sideline during one of the Super Bowl years.