Ron Jaworski Speculates Peyton Manning Might Finally Be Showing His Age

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  1. ESPN's Ron Jaworski speculates that elite Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who is 34, might finally be being slowed a little bit by age. "The last couple weeks, as I've studied (Peyton), he has not been real sharp," Jaworski said on the radio on Friday. "Maybe there does come a time when the skills start to diminish a little bit. I'm not saying it is, but I'm seeing little signs now that the deep sideline throws are not as accurate as they used to be, there's not the zip on the ball that there used to be. Maybe father time might be catching up with Peyton Manning a little bit." An interesting theory, but not one supported by statistics. Through five games this season, Peyton is averaging 321.8 yards per game while throwing 11 touchdowns compared to just two interceptions. If his quarterback rating of 102.6 were to hold through the end of the season, it would be his highest since 2006. Maybe he's not throwing quite as hard as he used to, but it's of little consequence.

    Source: RotoTimes
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    Shut up, Ron.
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    I kind of agree with Ron, he hasn't looked quite as dominant throwing the ball as he did a few years back. Probably doesn't help that the team around him has been battered and bruised though...
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    Jaws ='s clueless. Seen who Peyton is throwing to Ron? Check out the problem with the Colts run game Ron? Offensive Line Ron? STFU.
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    Some are overreacting to what Jaws said. He said Peyton's skills may be diminishing a little bit compared to the zip and accuracy he used to have. He's not exactly saying that he still doesn't have above average accuracy or a good arm.
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    If someone wanted to make that claim with Carson Palmer, I'd be on board. But when you look at Peyton's stats and see that Ron is basing this claim on just the last two weeks, I think he's way off-base to even suggest this. I'm no Peyton Manning fan, but there's just no evidence to support this nonsense.
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    I knew I always liked Jaws. :icon_cheesygrin:

    The Colts are not losing because of Manning though. The defense is again a liability.
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    This is freaking nonsense. His first 3 games were the best start of a season for a QB ever. He really only struggled last game against a supremely underrated Flowers. Jaws is nothing more than an attention tramp now and has lost his mind.
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    I'm not sure I agree with this analysis, but overall I do appreciate the way Jaws can break down tape. I've learned a lot by watching him do the game film breakdowns.
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    Yeah he is fun to watch when talking tape. Manning though is still robo-QB to me. He is so dead-on it's not even funny. He's in his own league when it comes to QB's in my eyes....and I don't like they guy.
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    A few things go differently for them and Manning has multiple rings.
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    You want to beat Manning you have to get a pass rush going and mess with his feet. He gets all jittery once he gets hit a couple times.