Ronda Rousey wins in :14

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    Last night at the Staples Center, Rousey (11-0) recorded the fastest finish of her career on Saturday, made Cat Zingano submit to a straight armlock just 14 seconds into their bantamweight title fight. The bout headlined UFC 184.

    In a wild sequence, Zingano (9-1) rushed Rousey on the opening bell, sprinting into a flying knee attempt. Rousey basically caught Zingano midair, threw her to the floor during the ensuing scramble and jumped into the straight right armlock. She did so in a single, fluid motion, stepping over Zingano's head as she turtled in an effort to stand. Referee John McCarthy stepped in quickly, as Zingano tapped instantly from the hold.
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    The hyped up commercials for the fight lasted twice as long.
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    Sucks for those that were :15 late to the match.
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    Rousy ought to fight the winner of the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout just so she gets some competition. I'd put the line at 1:1.
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    She needs to fight cyborg. That would be epic
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    wonder if she is that aggressive in bed.

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    I Am pretty sure she could make me her witch in bed!
    she just arm barred the hell out of that chick the other night.glad i do not never buy any of that ppv shirt now.if i paid 50 bucks for a 14 second main event i'd be pissed!
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    sorta like when Tyson fought. she could put me in a leg lock around my neck.
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    she's the type to sit on pinnochio's face and say,"tell a lie now!!!"