Ronnie Brown Not Going Anywhere

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  1. I had to make this thread because everytime I see some news on Ricky I see people saying how Ronnie might get traded. Its not going to happen. He just turned 26yrs old and he has shown extended flashes of greatness. Last year when he was healthy he rushed for 602yds on 119 carries. Thats 5.1ypc. He also had 39 receptions for 389 yards. All in 6 games. thats after only having 32 rush yards in the first game. Now with Ricky spliting carries with Ronnie it should keep him fresh and healthy. When he becomes 100% healthy he will retake the starting job from Ricky and perform like he did last year. I believe a healthy Ronnie Brown can be a top five back in this league and I believe the Dolphins believe that to based on passed perfomances. Ricky is there to help keep Ronnie fresh in a run dominant offensive scheme, not to replace him.
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    I dont see him going anywhere either. every team in the NFL is going to two back systems it seems, and with Ricky and Ronnie, thats what they got.
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    If you look throughout history. every team with a stud back has always had one or two backs taking SOME carries. I keep seeing this "every team is going to 2 back systems" and it makes me laugh. Fantasy football has caused so many people to over analyze every situation to the Nth degree. It IS NOT and HAS NOT been uncommon to have a 2nd and 3rd RB for a long long long time now.
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    it hasn't been uncommon, but it has never been so many teams with nice RB depth though. very few teams have little to no depth at RB, 10 years ago.. teams were lucky to have 1 decent RB.
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    Agreed 54.....I've been screaming the same thing and posting his stats from last year in several threads. Ronnie was actually leading the league in TYPG when he got injured...more than LT, Westbrook.....he may not be in their class yet but he's shown he has the potential to be.:beerchug:
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    that depends on your definition of decent RB. 10 years ago, fantasy was still new and people did not pay attention to the teams depth like they do now. People think 20 carries a game is a little amount. That's silly.

    I implore you to go back 10 years, 15 years and look at the teams that had the top rushers, I can assure you that there were VERY few with RB's who had 350 carries and they ALL had RB2 with a decent amount of carries. It's just that the media and internet and fantasy people actually notice it more now so they think it happens more.

    I have been playing fantasy football for close to 20 years now, since it was called rotisserie football and have seen all these RBBC trends for a long long time.
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    oxlong is dead on. RBBC have been around for a long long time. Look at the Steelers for instance. If you go back 18 years to 1990 this is what it looks like from 1990 to 2005:

    YEAR - MAIN BACK (Carries) - 2nd BACK (Carries) - 3rd BACK
    1990 - Merrill Hoge (203) - Tim Worley (109) - Warren Williams (68)
    1991 - Merrill Hoge (165) - Barry Foster (96) - Warren Williams (57)
    1992 - Barry Foster (390) - Merril Hoge (41)
    1993 - Leroy Thompson (205) - Barry Foster (177)
    1994 - Barry Foster (216) - Bam Morris (198)
    1995 - Eric Pegram (213) - Bam Morris (148)
    1996 - Jerome Bettis (320) - Eric Pegram (97)
    1997 - Jerome Bettis (375) - Greg Jones (72)
    1998 - Jerome Bettis (316) - Richard Huntley (55)
    1999 - Jerome Bettis (299) - Richard Huntley (93)
    2000 - Jerome Bettis (355) - Richard Huntley (46) (Kordell Stewart - 78 carries)
    2001 - Jerome Bettis (225) - Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (120) - Stewart (96) - Amos Zereoue(85)
    2002 - Amos Zereoue (193) - Jerome Bettis (187)
    2003 - Jerome Bettis (246) - Amos Zereoue (132)
    2004 - Jerome Bettis (250) - Duce Staley (192)
    2005 - Willie Parker (255) - Jerome Bettis (110)

    From 1990-2005, the Steelers only had three seasons where a guy went over 350 carries...

    Anyway...if Ricky is lighting it up, Ronnie Brown's not coming in and unseating him as a starter this season.