Rookies Have Created A Dilemma At WR For Steelers

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    Tomlin did not have much to say about the most productive receiver on the field Saturday night. Brown turned Dixon's 8-yard pass on a crossing pattern into a 68-yard touchdown. Brown's performance elicited this muted response from Tomlin: "Nice start." Maybe the coach does not want it to go to his rookie's head. The Steelers do have a slight dilemma at wide receiver. They have six of them who look like keepers and if they keep all six, return specialist Stefan Logan must go.

    Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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    Randle El

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    el is gonna get the freaking AX
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    Hope so

    Brown > Randle El

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    If Brown or Sanders can return kicks, Logan's gonna get his walking papers.
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    What happened to sweed is he off the team?
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    Yep.. I love little Logan.
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    ward wallace sanders el and Brown good delima to have