Rough Play By Raiders Angers Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio

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    Historically, the Oakland Raiders have a reputation of being a chippy bunch. This is, after all, the team that former Steelers coach Chuck Noll said had a "criminal element." On Sunday at EverBank Field, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio took exception with some of the Raiders' antics. Most notably, Oakland's Mike Mitchell and Kassim Osgood scuffled several times, including once when Mitchell chased Osgood onto the sideline and pinned him to the ground. No flags were thrown during any of their encounters. "They were taking liberties, really," Del Rio said. "Hopefully the league will look at some of that stuff. You talk about some of these things that are getting penalized and flagged and then you see deals like that, it looks like something that might occur in an alley somewhere. It's not good for the game, it shouldn't be part of the game."

    Source: Florida Times-Union