Roy Williams Says Romo And He Are 'Like Montana And Rice'

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, May 17, 2010.

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    For what it's worth, Cowboys WR Roy Williams says he and QB Tony Romo have found their groove this offseason. Williams-a bust since arriving in Dallas in the middle of the '08 season-has only 57 catches in 25 games with the Cowboys. "Last year around this time, we were throwing and catching and it wasn't very good," Williams told KVET-AM. "Just to be quite honest with you, we were missing balls, and bad throws and drops and all that in the offseason that carried over to the season. But this year, we're connecting like Montana and Rice. It's night and day from last year, so I know we're expecting big things for both of us."

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    is anyone else getting the impression that RW may be clinically insane ........?
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    Or Jerry Jones has taken over his body...?
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    roy williams is actually right. romo and williams are nfl players like montana and rice. too bad thats the only thing they have in common
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    Hannah Montana and rice pudding.
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    seriously Roy... :icon_rolleyes:
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    Damn RW you are one funny SOB!
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    they're alike
    one white guy
    one black guy

    /end of comparassions
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    Gold Jerry...GOLD!!!
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    how did this thread go 10 posts without a facepalm???????

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    OH NO he didnt...............did he

    see above
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    because the board got rid of my :facepalm: smilie. lol

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    or it's just hiding now.... lol
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    1st, 3rd and 6th.
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    As long as he didn't say Young and Rice since they had more catches together than Montana and Rice did..:lmao:

    Roy you're a total tool.
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    Memo to DeMarcus, Leonard Davis, or any big guy...

    RW needs to be tied to a post, and be left there.

    All Cowboys fans.
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    Who's his agent?

    That will explain a lot, or not?

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    Also why is that dude bleeding from his arm pits?
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    "like Montana and Rice..." :laughy37: