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  1. One season removed from his first Pro Bowl appearance, Detroit Lions wide receiver Roy Williams has firmly established himself as a star in the NFL. What few outside of Detroit know is that he's also one of the most entertaining voices in the league. Through two games this season, the receiver with one of the prettiest faces in the league by his own account has put up solid numbers during the Lions' 2-0 start: 11 catches, 131 yards, two touchdowns.

    Williams took time out on Monday to tell Yahoo! Sports about his off-day routine.

    Robinson: So what is your off day typically like?

    Williams: I try to sleep in as late as possible. Then I'll get up and play some Madden, pay bills, go shopping for groceries if I have family coming, stuff like that. I don't try to do too much.

    Robinson: A lot of guys will spend Tuesday recovering from a big Monday night out. Some guys use that as their party night, but I hear from some spies over with the Lions that you aren't that kind of guy. They say you don't hit the club scene. Actually, they say you're cheap.

    Williams: Oh yeah, that's true. I'm the cheapest guy on the team. No doubt. I'm keeping all of my money.

    Robinson: The cheapest on the team? How cheap? Do you use coupons?

    Williams: Nah, I don't use coupons. But when I go grocery shopping, I look at prices. A lot of guys don't care about the prices, but I pay attention to them. I'm still a name-brand guy, though. I don't buy like, generic stuff.

    Robinson: The way I hear it, you'd rather be sitting at home ordering a pizza than going out to a club or something like that.

    Williams: Definitely. I'll sit at home and order my Pizza Hut pizza with my Sprite and a movie. Or I'll go bowling. It depends. Sometimes guys can't go bowling because of injuries to their fingers.

    Robinson: I talked to (Chicago Bears cornerback) Nathan Vasher and he said to ask you about your grenadine obsession. He says you're a freak about it.

    Williams: Yeah. It's that cherry syrup that you can put into drinks. It's the greatest stuff ever made.

    Robinson: Vasher says you're crazy about it. That every where you go, you're mixing it into something.

    Williams: Oh yeah. Sprite. Tea. Orange juice and pineapple juice. I can drink it in anything.

    Robinson: You're a big movie guy, right? What was the last movie you saw in the theaters?

    Williams: Man, I haven't seen a movie in the theater in forever. I watch a lot of DVDs at home on Tuesdays. That's what the off day is for, too. My favorite is that movie "Life" with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. I watched that for like four straight days after I bought it.

    Robinson: What about "Friday Night Lights," the movie about your high school alma mater, Permian? You were actually in that movie.

    Williams: I only had one line in that movie. I should have been Boobie Miles or something.

    Robinson: But you were a Midland Lee assistant coach in that movie. That was your high school rival. Did you get a lot of crap for dressing up as the enemy?

    Williams: Nah. Everyone knows that was just for Hollywood.

    Robinson: I heard that you want to be the head coach of Permian. Is that true?

    Williams: Yeah, I'd still like to move back to Odessa (Texas) and do that in maybe, 10, 15 years. Their coach now is good, though. They're having a good season.

    Robinson: Not a lot of people know this about you, but you're a pretty musical guy. You play sax, piano and guitar, right?

    Williams: Yeah. Hearing the sax when it's in jazz, it can really chill you out. That's one of the things when I retire I want to move back to Odessa and buy a house once I stack that paper and learn the drums. I want to play the drums.

    Robinson: Where did that come from? Is there a musician in the family?

    Williams: I just got involved in orchestra and band when I was a kid. I was tall, so basically I was the only one who was tall enough to hold the bass in orchestra. So I played bass and picked up other instruments along the way. I taught myself on the piano. I was in band or orchestra right up to high school. They used to call me the "Orch Dork."

    Robinson: Ha. The "Orch Dork?" That's funny. So you're self taught on the piano? That's pretty impressive.

    Williams: I have good ears. They're really small. These ears can hear anything within a mile.

    Megatron and the Orch Dork....there's your dynamic duo Lions fans....:icon_cool:
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    good interview...clearly a level head on this guys shoulders...