Russell Wilson Says God Spoke To Him, Explained Super Bowl Interception

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    Almost immediately after theSeahawks miraculously came back against thePackers in the NFC Championship Game to advance to this past season's Super Bowl,Russell Wilson credited God for"setting it up" and for making the moment "so rewarding, so special."

    Now, Wilson is also crediting God for his heartbreaking interception on the one-yard line that sealed theSuper Bowlwin for thePatriotsand ended the Seahawks' bid for back-to-back championships. While speaking at The Rock Church in San Diego, Wilson claimed that God spoke to him just moments after he tossed the interception and explained why the interception took place.

    "The play happens, and they pick the ball off. And I take three steps," Wilson said (via "And on the third step God says to me, 'I'm using you ... I want to see how you respond. But most importantly, I want them to see how you respond.'"

    Of course, Malcolm Butler-- the interceptor -- would probably have a different explanation for the interception. While Wilson credited God for "using" him, Butler credited film study and practice, saying thathe knew the play was coming before the ball was even snapped.

    Wilson's interview at The Rock Church was the same interview in which he claimed that God spoke to him abouthis relationship with Ciara, which led to the couple's practice of abstinence.
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    I could have sworn that Malcolm Butler said that God spoke to him as well and told him "I want you to f--k with Russell Wilson's free agency discussions".
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    so Wilson admits that he hears voices?
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    " you did'nt know what you were searching for when you heard the voices in your head"-"the dream police live inside of my head-the dream police they come to me in my bed"
    cheap trick-1980s[​IMG]
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    Well Butler clearly looks like an idiot now...saying he used film study...HAAAAA! I knew the Patriots were not only cheaters but liars too.
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    carrol will never live not giving lynch the ball instead of passing on that play,ever!!!
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    He had no choice in the matter. God said he wanted Brady to get another ring and he said he wanted Brady to do it with soft balls.
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    buck is on a roll.

    i just spoke to god, i asked if he knew russell wilson, his reaction was, who ?
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    So someone finally blames Jesus
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    buck is on an avalanche type of roll! lol
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    I am sorry but I find it hard to believe that God took time out of His busy life to worry about some Super Bowl meanwhile babies are being murdered and He is doing nothing to stop that. Children are being sold into s*x slavery and God is betting the over at Vegas. Just stop it already. Besides, we all know it is