Saints GM Mickey Loomis Denies ESPN Report Alleging Eavesdropping

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by SRW, Apr 23, 2012.

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    well, it seems pretty common that once someone/something has a spotlight on it, 'other' things start coming to the surface too, so it's not real surprising that we now have a 2nd story with the saints.
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    best comment from a non-saints fan i've seen....

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    Super Bowl*
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    The Saints are the new Patriots....and not in the good way.
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    XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII........

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    I put an * next to the Patriots super bowl during the spygate scandal as well.
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    what's your reasoning for an * next to ours?
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    Intentionally trying to injure players. When I look back at the Saints v. Vikings NFC championship game. There is no doubt they were targeting Farve.
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    nah bro....targeting favre wasn't the reason the viqueens lost.

    three lost fumbles by Vikings' skill players
    special teams helped set up 10 points for the Saints
    3rd down at Saints 33-yard line....12 men in the huddle
    Vikings defense did not make a play in overtime

    that's why they lost that game
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    It may not have affected the outcome, just like spygate may not have contributed to patriots but it will always be a thought.
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    There has been nobody saying that is true other than the unnamed source so far. I think with the FBI investigation Goodell will not be able to sweep this investigation under the table. We will hear actual legal testimony and if it is found to be someone just trying to cash in or pile on the Saints for the bounty scandal there should be legal ramifications. Like with the leaked tape of Williams. There was no judical reason to release that tape. They were caught and found guilty by Goodell. Now something that happend 10 years ago by someone else and then supposedly rewired by someone at Loomis's request and then removed and can't be proved one way or the other which team it was listening in on. Unless someone has video or audio recordings this is one tough call.
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    Are the Feds involved in this? If they are, then I think this story has a little bit of credibility to it. They usually don't get involved if there's not any proof.
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    State Police and the FBI are investigating...
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    there have been many current/former saints and people outside of the saints calling B.S. on this. i'm inclined to believe statements from multiple named sources (Jim Haslett and Rick Mueller who were fired by Mickey Loomis) versus and an unnamed source
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    something that has left out is how hard this would be....the NFL has whats called a "Frequency Coordinator" that assigns the frequency each team uses each week so unless Loomis had a spy in the NFL offices or in each of the Saints opponents this would be impossible. Teams guard these frequency assignments like they do their playbooks. The media is acting like he tried to phone tap them over a hard wired communication line.
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    Hypothetically, would you really even care if he were banned? Isn''t he more of a numbers guy and Payton more in control of the roster?

    I thought it was a little odd myself. All they ever talk about is the switch 'secret device' in his booth that was wired to listen to the other teams, but without knowing what it was supposedly wired to its pretty fishy.
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    yeah, i would......he's a freaking salary cap magician. he just needs to get brees signed ASAP