Saints OT Jammal Brown Gives Back To His Hometown

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    Some students from Lawton Public Schools got an early Christmas present Tuesday. They hit the aisles of Wal Mart thanks to hometown hero and NFL star Jammal Brown. He's a graduate from MacArthur who went on to become an OU student and eventually signed with the New Orleans Saints. The offensive lineman dished out $100 gift certificates to each of the students to buy presents for their families.

    There were around 40 excited students in the group Jammal donated to as students from Jammal's alma mater assisted with the shopping. He helped them choose gifts for their families helping to make it a very "Saintly" Christmas. "I'm gonna get lots of stuff for them, I've been planning this and planning this," says young M'Kai. We can't tell you what he ended up buying, but M'Kai says his picks are just right. "Exactly what they wanted," he says.

    Jammal says it's the notion of giving that really makes him happy and he flew in from New Orleans especially for the shopping spree - and the kids made him proud. "Cause you know they could go get something for them self first, but they're getting stuff for mom and dad, brother and sister first, which is you know, really really excites me because that's what Christmas is about," he says. "It was definitely worth it. You know, I'm gonna try to be back every year I can."

    Some of the kids even got some gift advice from MacArthur's Miss Lawton, Shayna Webb. This is the second year Jammal has sent kids on this shopping spree, but last year he was tied up with practice and couldn't make it. This year he's happy the kids got to see who made it possible. It'll be a Christmas they'll never forget.