Saints QB Drew Brees Injures Left Oblique During Practice

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    Donning his red quarterback jersey, Drew Brees, as expected, took the field before the Black and Gold scrimmage at The Greenbrier on Saturday. Only on this day, there were a few things missing — namely his pads and helmet.
    The Saints franchise quarterback, head coach Sean Payton said, was held out of the annual scrimmage after injuring his left oblique during Thursday's morning session.

    "We didn't want to put him out there the day after," Payton said. "That's going to require just a little bit of rest. We'll see how it is coming back on Monday and kind of treat it day-to-day."

    Saints tackle Zach Strief called it "weird" not to have Brees out there with the team, but said it was also "a perfect time for him to have something that's just kind of achy. Take some days off, take some time."

    Nevertheless, Strief said it was difficult for Brees to "not be with his guys and not be running and not doing those things he's used to doing," while watching his backups Ryan Griffin, Luke McCown and Logan Kilgore split the reps in his stead.

    "It was good getting those guys in there," Strief said. "It was awesome playing with Ryan, it was awesome playing with Luke.

    "I think we kind of enjoyed having that fresh voice in there and I know those guys were jacked up about it too," he joked.
    Strief wasn't shy about going beyond the call of duty to help his injured quarterback.

    "We do a lot of hugging and make sure he's doing ok. I've rubbed his obliques a few times, so I'm sure that's helped," Strief joked "But we want him to be healthy, and we know that the great thing with Drew is that he will be in the training room twice as much as anybody and he's going to get himself right. He'll be good to go."

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    Strief is freaking me out. Lots of hugging and rubbing?
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    ya I was like wtf
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    our backups seem to be doing better this season. maybe if need be they may actually win a game. and from what I read, the injury bug is going around so if this is the worst then I feel better.