Saints QB Drew Brees Reportedly 'Extremely Frustrated' With Lack Of Contract Talks

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by SRW, May 16, 2012.

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    [MENTION=572]Buck Fenson[/MENTION] fantastic post. Wish I could like posts in tapatalk. That pretty much summed it up.

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    For all we know the tag could be all that the Saints offered, and you can't blame Brees for not wanting that again.
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    I am just tired of all the back and forth crap going on right now. Like I said, we all have opinions and I for one will back up anyone with a well thought out post. If we all agreed on everything this would would be pretty boring. I have not read every post of that dude but what I have read, to be perfectly honest would rather read Slimey's post. Nothing against Slimey. Some of his posts are pretty damn good. We had beef a while back but that is old news. I hope he holds no hard feelings cause I sure don't. And as a Saints fan I don't like Atlanta fans as a whole but that is just good fun rivalry. That is why i like this forum. I am so sick of the one team message boards cause they think their team is the best. And as a fan I would certainly hope they feel that way. This forum is so cool because usually there isn't many "your teams sucks" and no facts to back it up. Lots of people here actually know what the hell they are talking about. It sucks this time of year because there isn't much going on. I generally just passed the dude's post up without making a remark. But this just struck me wrong. I am a Saints fan but I love football also. As much as the 49ers killed my hopes and dreams in the 80's.,they had some kick butt teams and I respect that. Great GM, coach, assistant coaches and players. They were the model franchise back then and hopefully they are on the rise again. It kills me to say that but it is the truth. The Bills were a consistent threat with going to the Bowl 4 years in a row. That is hard. All I ask is recognize the true leaders of this league. And to minimize what they do is a slap to the faces of all those who helped rebuild a devastated city. Is the city back? Not all the way. Do they have a problem with murders and other crimes? Yes. But that is hopefully going to change. I don't know of a town besides Nashville that has been so ruined . I went down there and it looked like Iraq or Afghanistan. Brees, while he really doesn't walk on water is one of the better quality men in pro ball. And I thank him for helping our fellow men and women have a second chance in life. I hope this doesn't get moved to the fight club because I really don't think I made a personal attack except for the goobered remark.
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    What are you talking about? You think Drew Brees is the only NFL player that helps out the community he plays in. Look up Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, etc. Pretty much every NFL player has a charity they are involved with. None is better than the other. All i am saying is if Peyton Manning or any other top QB was the Saints QB during that time they would have done the same thing as Brees. Actually the Manning bros who grew up in NO helped with the relief effort as well.

    Manning brothers team up for Katrina relief - CNN
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    If you got the money, cutting a check is the easiest thing in the world to do. Brees damn near single-handedly instilled pride and hope to a region of people who could possibly go no lower and he did it with his excellence on the field of play. Put Fitzpatrick, Cassel, Kolb or any other average NFL QB in that situation and they bring with them the possibility of more disparity with mediocre play. It cannot be overstated what Brees did for that region in the worst of times and has continued his excellence on the field....and you want to call him a greedy baller?
    Sorry dude, even some of us non-Saints fans have to give him props for his actions off the field, but more importantly, on the field. Only other example I can think of near term is what Kurt Warner did for football in the desert. From doormat to pay him.
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    I thought it was the bounties.

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    I did not know this was the Drew Brees Fan Club site. He can do no wrong. He did not know anything about the bounties :icon_rolleyes:. He could not have an ego and want to be the highest paid player in the NFL :icon_rolleyes:. My bad.
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    I can see both sides of this. He did a lot for the franchise and the city and let's not forget they gave him a chance when many thought he might not be able to play again. To me that equals out in some way is he deserving of a huge contract yes. Is he deserving of the highest contract in NFL history heck no.

    Also last time I checked you get paid for what you do on the field, not for what you do off the field.
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    Agree. One (1) Super Bowl and all-time passing yards record in a season over the past 3 seasons qualifies. Highest paid? Nope. But gotta be worth more than the franchise tag. If it turns out that he's actually trying to hold the Saints ransomed with an outrageous demand, then heck him. Nobody knows any numbers yet (except for the unnamed sources).

    [MENTION=3886]buffalobillsfan1[/MENTION]...this is no Brees fan club, but you start making definitive comments that are merely opinions, just be prepared for a lively conversation. It's all good.
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    I too echo that statement from 127. If it comes out that he wants to hold the Saints hostage for an ungodly amount of money then heck him. But from his actions, I don't give a flying heck about words, he has been nothing but a team player. Yes, he sign a "cheap" contract when no one else wanted him but do you think he would have had this much success elsewhere? I mean the Chargers did draft someone to take his place and look how that turned out. Every once in a while there are coach/qb combos that are made for each other. And this is one of them times. The Saints have lead the league or at least in the top 5 for the past 6 years. And making 10 million a year during that time was cheap. If you have a qb that is so vital to your team and is also a pillar in the community you pay him. We could have had another qb to come here after Katrina and say " I am just a football player and not a role model. He has done nothing to tarnish anything. He may not walk on water but I am pretty sure you can't find much fault with him.
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    That's not what I said, and it's not even close to what you said, either. You said NO MATTER WHO the Saints QB was they would have done the exact same thing, which is straight up ridiculous and incorrect. I could make a better argument that no one BUT Brees could/do what he did to aid both that city and team in so many ways.
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    OK. Manning, Brady, etc. could not have done it. :icon_rolleyes:
  13. Buck Fenson

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    they weren't free agents at the time.