Saints RB Reggie Bush Draws The Ire Of Coach Sean Payton

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    Saints running Reggie Bush played in his first game since missing the previous two with a bone bruise in his right knee but head coach Sean Payton clearly grew frustrated with Bush near the end of the first half against the Redskins. Bush took a screen pass and nonchalantly stepped out of bounds short of the first down after a nine-yard gain, then the Saints subsequently failed to convert the first down when Bush was tackled for a loss on third-and-1 and then later Bush was blown up and knocked off his feet by Brian Orapko as he attempted to run a route on a screen pass in the right flat, resulting in an incomplete pbutt. The play prompted Payton to demonstratively motion to Thomas to go into the game and replace Bush, who did not play again until the final 30 seconds of the game when Payton inserted him in the two-minute offense and he finished with only 16 total reps, including one punt return for a loss of 2 yards.

    Source: The Times Picayune
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    Ya, that would piss me off if I were Payton too.
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    well, first off, payton is giving bush fewer touches this season, which may be pissing bush off. however, i completely 100% agree with payton's decision to reduce bush's touches this year. he was holding them back with his inability to run between the tackles.

    Payton, stand your ground. you are 100% right in your decision. don't let bush become a cancer though. keep an eye on him.
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    media looking for controversy