Saints RB Reggie Bush Says Coach Sean Payton Kissed Him In Win Vs Cardinals

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  1. New Orleans RB Reggie Bush got bashful on the sidelines during the Saints' 45-14 playoff win against the Cardinals on Saturday. It wasn't the 217 all-purpose yards and two TDs he produced in the win that clinched a home game in the NFC title game. It was what Saints coach Sean Payton delivered to him after the game that caused Bush's cheeks to warm: A kiss. "I don't want to admit it," Bush said sheepishly after the game, "but yeah he did give me a kiss."

    Source: USA Today
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    Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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    He'll be thinking about Payton tonight when he pounds Kardashian.
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    Before and after being 'shopped.

    She's freaking disgusting, I'd rather pound Sean.
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    he deserved a kiss
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    Probably his best game in the NFL. That one run was just nasty, plus the combination of sloppy tackling and god awful defense but still that one cut he made was sick.
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    hes looking for a new contract...he ran hard, he showed us a physical runner. it was nice to see
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    I'm inclined to disagree, sir HermHater

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    Good game. Still not a feature back.
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    I wonder if he liked it?