Saints Select Alabama RB Mark Ingram (Rd.1, No.28)

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by SRW, Apr 28, 2011.

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    With the 28th overall pick in the NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select Alabama RB Mark Ingram. Mark Ingram projects as an every-down back who can make an impact on the ground and in the passing game. One of the most polished running back prospects in recent memory, Ingram has rare natural running sense in terms of vision and patience. Great short area speed and burst to hit the hole, make defenders miss, and get to the perimeter. Runs low, breaks tackles, and usually falls forward. Dangerous receiver in the screen game and as a check down. Shows good effort and awareness in pass protection. Has not been asked to shoulder the entire load to this point, but Ingram's still a first-round prospect.

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  2. love it. It makes perfect sense.
  3. Crowned

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    Saints made their whole draft on day 1, one of the better pass rushing defensive ends in Cameron Jordan, and then added the best running back in the draft.
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    This was a great Pick by the Saints in my eyes. Lets hope he can perform well
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    Saints and Browns battling for the "best draft." Great pick for the Saints...
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    Great pickup for the Saints. I would have had no problem taking Ingram at 28 but RB wasn't a glaring need for NE and I'm glad they got another 2nd round pick.
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    Did y'all hear about Reggie's tweet....its being good new Orleans ......

    Great pic fir NO

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  8. I was always a bit skeptical Reggie would take a pay cut......this just fuels the fire.
  9. he isn't that good of a pass rusher. He is great at stopping the run though,.
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    I really hoping for deuce version 2.0
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    Ingram's gonna be great there. Sucks.
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    That was just beautiful. As soon as I heard in the background that the Patriots traded with New Orleans, I came up out of my bed, since I was laying there with my daughter at the time. Yes. Best thing ever for me being a huge Ingram and Bama fan, and Saints fan. Not just because he's from Bama, but moreso because he's an awesome running back. Great round one in the draft.
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    Fairley, Amukamara, and Ingram were all incredible value picks.