Saturday Night's Main Event

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    Taping Date: 7/28/08 - Air Date: 8/2/08 - Verizon Center - Washington, D.C.

    CM Punk comes out to a huge pop with the title belt around his waist as he joins Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross

    JBL, Cody Rhodes, Kane, and Ted DiBiase Jr. b. John Cena, Cryme Tyme, and Batista - JBL got the win after pinning JTG

    A video of Jeff Foxworthy is shown speaking on autism

    The Great Khali b. Jimmy Wang Yang - Khali won via pinfall

    A video of Carmen Electra is shown speaking on autism

    Jenny McCarthy is on her way out to speak

    Edge b. Jeff Hardy - Edge got the win with the spear after MVP came out and kicked Jeff in the head
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    It was actually not a half bad show. The Great Khali match was the only dud, with him squashing Jimmy Wang Yang and the WWE trying to force us to buy Khali as a monster (all while the crowd chants "You can't wrestle"). Usually the SNME's stink but this one was well done.
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    I always forget these are on. The WWE just doesn't market it enough like they did "back in the day."

    My fav SNM moment. Hogan superplexing Big Bossman off that blue steel cage they used to use. And I'm not a Hogan fan by any means, but I remember thinking "Holy crap! That was awesome."

    That, and WCW's Clash of Champions were great shows to watch.
  4. SRW

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    The one thing I didn't get about the show last night.....why didn't they have either CM Punk or HHH compete? No major title holder for a show on network TV? And no ECW matches......another sign that ECW is doing down the drain and isn't taken seriously by the WWE?
  5. dublin mike

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    ECW is unfortunately done. It has been for a while now. Although they do have some talent that can be brought over to the main roster (especially that Bourne kid,) you fear they may get lost in the roster.
  6. SRW

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    Bourne's ring skills are impressive but he absolutely sucks on the mic, Mark Henry has been a decent strap-holder to my surprise, John Morrison has superstar potential and Mike Knox has potential as a "Bruiser-Brody" type character.
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    Love John Morrison. He had a ladder match w/himself, Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy a few months back that was absolutely amazing. Shelton Benjamin. Now there's a kid w/huge in ring ability, but like Bourne, no mic skills. And they just can't find an angle to work for him. Steve, did you see that match Benjamin had w/Shawn Michaels? One of the best matches I've ever seen on regular (non PPV) television.