Scoreboard Costs In Colts' New Stadium? $11.4 Million

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    The Colts biggest plays will look even bigger next season, with picture quality among the best in the NFL. Thats because the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority on Monday unanimously approved an $11.4 million deal for two ginormous high-definition scoreboards at Lucas Oil Stadium. Consisting of three screens each, the 97-foot-wide-by-nearly-53-foot-high scoreboards will hang in the northwest and southeast corners of the building.

    Source: Meagen Ingerson, Indianapolis Star
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    Can't wait to see them next year when I travel to Indy to see the Bears play the Colts!
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    those sound bad ass
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    Sounds cool. I'll be glad to see the back of the RCA Dome, I hate seeing the Jaguars have to go there and try and win as it normally means something huge. I like the look of this new stadium and it should be good to see how much it affects the opponent's performance. Are they going to pump sound in again?