Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Wins Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote

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    The Legion of Boom has earned another accolade, as Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman has won the Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote. Sherman faced off against Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the finals and was revealed as the winner of the fan-voted cover in a special segment on SportsCenter.

    The announcement was made on the heels the release of the first official Madden NFL 15 gameplay video, which features reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year Luke Kuechly.

    Sherman proved to be just as dominant off the field as he is on it, shutting down his opposition throughout the tournament. After dispatching Chicago Bears wideout Alshon Jeffery in the opening round, he also thwarted New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and division rival Colin Kaepernick en route to the title.

    The fans have been especially active in this year’s Cover Vote competition, casting approximately 10 million votes over the course of the contest.

    “Richard Sherman is a fantastic cover athlete selection by the fans,” said Anthony Stevenson, Vice President of Global Marketing for EA SPORTS. “Defense is a big focus for Madden NFL 15, and Sherman is one of the brightest defensive stars in the NFL. He shares the same energy and passion for the game as our ‘legion’ of Madden fans.”

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    Glad it's him and not cam Newton. Now let's see how the curse gets him.
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    Will Sherman follow in Megatron's footsteps (2103) and be the only the second player since 1998 to beat the curse?
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    nope, i see an injury coming.
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    Megatron is part machine so curses don't affect him. maybe Sherman will lose his voice.
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    Wait a second, I thought Megatron missed a few games? didn't he?