Seahawks Got Raped Hard Lol Lol

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    all that crying what a waste
  2. linz_renee

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    long time no see sweatheart.

    Broncos took it pretty hard this week too... We're resting up for you though. Get ready.
  3. SuperBeast

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  4. TJ

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    Weren't you an eagles fan? Did you hop off the bandwagon already?
  5. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    holy crap he's back
  6. Sweets

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    HAIKU has returned, missed us didn't ya, go ahead you can admit it.:applausec:
  7. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    You should hear them on their news stations... :icon_eek:


    the guy that worry s me is javon walker
  9. smeags

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    pittsburgh's education system really shines with this one.


    no steelers is my team thats the honest truth , my dad was a steel bender here in hi maui back in the late 70's , you can make fun of my team and what not or my spelling , what else ? oh typing in CAPS whatever , but one thing for sure i dont joke around who my team is , my team is the steelers and will always be. my best friend clyde back in grade shool was a dallas fan , so picture that rivalry , if im not mistaken danny white? was the qb and terry was getting elbow problems .

    ok i'll admit it , it was fun , it wasn't fun when my team stunk that year and all that bullcrap , ive put that past me i even take back the cu**s ,threats ,CAPS ,stupid pictures, of that one dude , oh yah congrats to your colts , so there you have it let the fun begin , i guess i took it real serious last year , now that we spanked the seahawks i can move on . did bill walsh really past away?

    sup linz yup it will be a interesting game
  11. TJ

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    Next week, this guy will be a Packers fan and tell us a pretty story about that...which nobody will be able to read :icon_rolleyes:
  12. linz_renee

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    Hello Haiku

    The guy you posted pics of isn't here anymore. Please don't appologize for that, it was quite funny. What thread was that in again?
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    sup haiku....welcome back
  14. Cletusaurus

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    Oh dear god... it's alive... IT'S ALIIIIIIIIVE!
  15. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    lmao we dont want you on our team if you just switched, stick with the eagles kthxbyenolife
  16. Sweets

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    Crown, calm down...Haiku has always been a Steeler fan, he's apologized for some of the crap that happen here last season which IMO he doesn't have to because it was in the fight club and whether anyone other then Linz and I will admit was quite invigorating and fun and now he wants to talk football so if anyone has a problem with that heck em.

    Welcome back Haiku
  17. BarlOwens

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    For hecksakes....let the morons reign over the world...
  18. Sweets

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    They already do, check Washington lately?
  19. BarlOwens

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    They're a lot smarter than you or I....they got us pretty hecked don't they?
  20. Matt314hew

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    welcome back, i dont' really remember you, but always good to have a Steelers fan.

    Yes the girls from seattle did get raped by the Super Bowl XL Champs turned chumps the following year (yes i admit it was the crappiest year i have seen in a while, with great expectations before the season began). Guess we know who the best team last sunday was and the best team from the super bowl won again.