Sedrick Ellis Q&A

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    What are your first impressions of the heat?

    Its a little humid down here compared to California, a different kind of heat, but Im dealing with it and getting acclimated.

    Was your first practice what you expected, had you talked to Reggie Bush about what was coming?

    I talked to Reggie a little bit before the practices, it was very high-tempo, kind of what I expected. All in all, I think it went very well. Im with a coach (defensive line coach Ed Orgeron) that Ive worked with before, so I kind of knew what to expect.

    What was your excitement/anticipation level like coming in?

    Well, being a first-round pick, you have a level of pressure, you want to make a good impression. The tempo was very high, everyone wants to come out and be seen. Everything was very fast-paced.

    You seem to be at a position where there is a need, where they expect you to make a contribution right away. Do you feel that way?

    Right now, you dont know, thats up to the coaches. Im going to work my hardest to put my stamp on this team and work my hard. Im going to compete for everything I can get.

    In the past, defensive tackles have come to New Orleans and really enjoyed the food. Do you have to work to control your weight?

    Its always a concern for a big guy, but as a professional now, you have to be disciplined, get your workouts in and watch your eating habits.

    Are you looking forward to visiting some of the famous restaurants in town?

    I havent ever been to New Orleans, this is my first time, so I think maybe I will give Reggie (Bush) a call and hit the spots, see what is good down here.

    Are you excited to be reunited with Coach Orgeron?

    Yes, definitely. Coach O is a hard coach, you know hes going to work to get you better, you know he isnt going to take it easy on you or anything like that. In that aspect, you are always getting better with Coach Orgeron. I think thats a good thing.

    Does it help that you know what to expect out of Coach Orgeron, and also knowing Reggie Bush?

    I definitely know what to expect from Coach O, hes been the same since the first day I met him until now. He knows my strengths and weaknesses, so I think thats a good combination. And Ive also talked to Reggie a few times, and hes doing the things he needs to handle. Once camps over and everything calms down, maybe then well hang out a little bit. As of now Im just trying to get on the team and handle my business.

    How have you handled the conditions the first couple of days of practice?

    Its different. Even when you work out in California and you think you are in shape, the air is a little different here and you have to get acclimated. The first day was a lot more difficult than today. My body is getting used to it and were working it out. I think I came in here in pretty good shape. We did the Combine and its been back to back things. I think I did alright.

    Have any of the other defensive linemen on the Saints called you?

    No, other defensive lineman have not called me.

    What is it that youve done in the first three practices that you are happy with?

    I think you can always improve. But Im very happy with how fast Im catching on to the system, the plays theyve put in, the stunts Ive been able grasp them pretty quickly and to apply them to the field. You can always get better, but thats the stuff Im working on. I havent been able to play football in awhile, but thats the kind of things Im working on.