Self-Promoting Allowed In Articles Posted In The Member Articles Section

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    Members are now allowed to advertise themselves in member articles. What does this mean? Now members who post member articles can:

    • Add links to their Facbook, Twitter and any other social sites
    • Add links and advertise any podcasts they are associated with
    • Add links to their websites or blogs

    We have members who are capable of delivering some great content and I feel that those that do deserve to get their names out there. So by all means, feel free to add that kind of stuff to your articles. All we ask is that the articles remain football related (NFL or NCAA) and that they remain focused, not an infomercial to another site.

    Also, please note that articles posted in the Member Articles section will also get shared on our site's Facebook page, Twitter feed as well as be displayed on our side's sidebar and under every first post in any thread on the site. Images used in the articles will display next to the title. We recommend using an image thats 400 x 230 pixels (or something of the same scale) as the first image in your articles for optimal results across the site and beyond.
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    Thank you SRW. I remembered seeing this but couldn't remember where to find it. You da man!
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    Got it.