Shahid Khan Wants To Grow Jacksonville, Not Just Jaguars

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    Many have tabbed new Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan as a savvy businessman who will approach owning the Jaguars in a different manner than Wayne Weaver did. We've already seen it a bit with Khans "bravado" and the announcement that the team will change the primary uniform color and get entirely new Nike jerseys in 2013. It looks like Khan's business mind is going to work for the city of Jacksonville as well and not just for the franchise. "There are a huge amount of decisions made in global centers like London or Hamburg, Germany," Khan said. "Jacksonville is not on their checklist or on their list of cities. They might have Miami or cities with bigger names. If a multinational company is expanding, they need to know Jacksonville is an option," Khan told the Florida-Times Union in Indianapolis on Friday. "So if we are fortunate to be playing a game, the city fathers, the development leaders need to be on the plane selling the city and meeting with some key decision makers. You can have appointments lined up." Khan explained that Jacksonville has a great deep-water port that is underutilized and doesn't have near the activity it did in the 1980's and the 1990's when Khan would make trips to Jacksonville three times a month. He also said when the Jaguars play in Europe, he plans to fly out local economic developers to meet with foreign business leaders.