Shaun Rogers Won't Confirm Or Deny Interest In Lions

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    After former Browns defensive tackle Shaun Smith signed with the Lions, he said Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers had spoken highly of the guys in the locker room and the staff at team headquarters in Allen Park. "He wishes he could come back here now," said Smith, who was cut Sept. 5. "He misses it. Come on. You've been here your whole career, and you see the talent they're bringing in." Rogers rarely spoke to Detroit reporters as a Lion, at least toward the end of his tenure from 2001-07. But he spoke to them in a conference call Wednesday and didn't quite shoot down Smith's claim. "I just want to play football in the NFL," Rogers said. "That's been my dream and my goal. That's what I continue to strive to do, to play well in this league, wherever I'm at."

    Source: Detroit Free Press
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    That would be huge for the Lions defense if they got Rogers back.
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    ^or anybodys for that matter, dude is a monster!