Should Mike Vick be suspended?

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Should Vick be suspended?

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  1. lawsonsp

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    I know you all have it out for Vick, but he should not get suspended for this. Pacman was different, hes been doin dumb crap for a long time. Other than flicking off fans, what has mike vick done before this? Pacman was a rod at WVA but Vick had no problems at all at VT. We live in a country where you have due process. No suspension unless convicted.
  2. brakos82

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  3. misfitz

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    how is it different if Pacman has never been convicted of anything how is it different.........also Vick has been doing stupid crap for a long time

    Ron Mexico where he used a fake name and gave some chick Herpes and then settled her lawsuit out of court.

    The Waterbottle incident at the airport.


    He Flipped off fans

    Now he has a federal indictment against him something Pacman has never had

    Federal indiments dont get put out lightly they are very meticulous when they charge someone and almost everytime they come out on top.

    Your undervaluing what vick has done and IMO Pacman is nowhere near Vick when its come to doing hecked up things.

    Also how can you sit there and say the pacman suspension is ok but Vick gets due process what kind of hypocritical bullcrap is that.

    Here ill break it down for you. You dont like Pacman and you like Vick its simple as that
  4. brakos82

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    I think I'll read your 10-page statement in the morning. :icon_neutral:
  5. misfitz

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    at least give me rep for it lol:icon_mrgreen:
  6. brakos82

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    After I read it.
  7. lawsonsp

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    I never said the Pacman suspension was okay. IMO, good ol commish Rog is jumping the gun on all of these guys. These suspensions are ridiculous because there is no proof behind any of them. Anyways, it seems more like you have it out for Vick.

    But why should any of these guys get penalties without proof? We know that most of them are more than likely guilty but there is no substance. Personally, I think Vick was there betting and fighting dogs, but there is no hard evidence.
  8. RedskinsNo.1

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    Too right he should be suspended
  9. Sweets

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    Yet you were fine with Pacman being layed out to dry because he went to WVA and not VT???? Vick has done dumbcrap but you're not accepting it, the herpes incident, the bottle incident in the airport, the blunt on his own website, he's a thug, his brother is a thug his friends are thugs and yet you talk about due process for Vick but not for Pacman(who btw hasn't been convicted or indicted for anything), last time I checked it should be for everyone or no one not a select few.
    Goodell, so what now?????? Vick is the darling of the NFL and Pacman wasn't so 2 different course of actions?????

    I know you all have it out for Vick, but he should not get suspended for this. Pacman was different, hes been doin dumb crap for a long time Lawson this is what you said so yes you did say Pacman's suspension was ok...
  10. chief31

    chief31 Chiefs monster

    I think that Goodell has some knowledge, that the rest of us don't. He met with Jones and, perhaps Jones told him, of his involvement. Now, with Vick, there has been a similar meeting, or two, so far. I imagine, there will be more. Goodell will present the evidence to Vick, in hopes of, at least, a partial confession. As, I presume, he got from Pacman.

    This is, obviously, speculation. But, there had to be something, for Goodell to have based his decision, on Jones.
  11. Sweets

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  12. TDJets72027

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    I'm watching ESPN First Take and people outside are chanting "Sack #7"
  13. chief31

    chief31 Chiefs monster

    Yes, I know that. But, there will be more, such, meetings. With more evidence. If he gets caught in a lie.... That might be enough. Plus, as I said, before, I think that the pressure and bad press will be too much for the league, the team and Michael Vick to manage, throughout the season.
  14. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    This should be enough already but I love the fact that Pacman's lawyer is already on it...
  15. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    I think there is enough evidence to prove his involvement.

    :banned: for a year by Goddell
  16. yisman

    yisman The Ambivalent One

    The NFL acted swiftly today to the news that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of running a dog-fighting ring at his Virginia home, adding an additional year to the existing one-year suspension of Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.

    “During my time as NFL commissioner, I have made it clear that I will not put up with any of our players – no matter how big a name they are or how marketable they might be – putting the NFL in a bad light,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. “I do not even require that a case run its course in the legal system. And that’s exactly what I’m doing again in this case. I will not wait to see if Michael will get convicted before I levy a judgment against Pacman.”

    Vick maintains his innocence in the case, but says he will accept the commissioner’s quick decision.

    “I am eager to see my name cleared in a court of law,” said Vick. “But until then, I will accept my punishment like a man. It will be hard for me to watch a talent like Pacman Jones sit on the sidelines for an entire year, but NFL players are at the mercy of the commissioner in such situations. I have half a mind to file a grievance with the union, but I probably won’t.”

    Jones says he will, however.

    “Man, this is bullsh-t,” said the embattled Titans star. “Goodell refuses to cut me any slack at all. I have yet to be convicted of a single thing, yet now I’m out for not just one year, but two. How was I supposed to know that skank-ho stripper I made it rain on was his niece? The guy needs to get over it and stop taking everything out on me.”

    But Goodell scoffs at claims he is treating Jones unfairly compared to the many other NFL players who have recently had legal issues.

    “I made it clear to Pacman when we met at my office a few years ago that he had to stop hanging around unsavory characters or his suspension would be extended,” said Goodell. “But since then I’ve learned he is loosely associated with many despicable individuals such as Chris Henry, Tank Johnson and Michael Vick. So I believe I have been quite fair with him. He needs to either clean up his act or get several huge endorsement deals that would make me think twice about punishing him so as to not harm the marketability of the league. It’s his choice.”

    LMAO! :LAUGHY18:



    Dawkins wins
  17. saintskickass

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    i was watching espn today and i saw the some hecked up crap. Vick supporter or not which im not, should really ask themselfs if vick really did this. common sense should tell you he had some type of involvment. they said on espn that he should take a leave with pay. how come pacman didnt have that option. just because he is a big name in the sport he should get any leway. everyone is saying wait til he proven guilty. you should know better with goodell in charge. hell this isnt the first time he did something stupid from ron mexico to the weed thing. that not holding up the shield right in goodell eyes. i think he should get a year suspended without pay.
  18. Sweets

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    SKA you want to know why??? Because Pacman is a thug and a cornerback and not the face of a franchise that's why...

    Goodell you freaking suck!!!

    Former Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Reeves told Michael Vick several weeks ago he would help the troubled quarterback in any possible way.

    That offer still stands, even though Vick is now under federal indictment for hosting dogfights and brutally killing pit bulls.

    "Sure, I'd do anything I could to help Mike," Reeves said. "I think he's basically a good person. Unfortunately it just seems like he's made some bad choices over the years with the company he keeps."

    ESPN reported Friday that the Falcons, the NFL and the NFL Players Association would urge Vick to accept a one-year suspension. NFL senior vice president Joe Browne and NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw disputed the report.

    "We don't know anything about a leave of absence," Browne said.

    Added Upshaw, "I haven't told Michael Vick to do anything."

    Vick's problems aren't just about football. Public outrage ensued after he and three others were charged with competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting, and conducting the enterprise across state lines.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke Friday with members of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals while approximately 50 activists with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested outside his office in New York.

    Nike announced this week that it would suspend release of Vick's latest signature shoe, prompting the National Humane Society to demand that the shoe and apparel company pull all Vick-endorsed products from stores.

    The indictment and ensuing uproar has "shocked and saddened" Reeves, who initially called Vick earlier this summer to invite him to play in a charity golf tournament. But the former coach also wanted Vick, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, to know that many people could help him clear up his image.

    "Like most everybody else, I'd heard a lot of the things that could've happened in his life over the last year or so," Reeves said. "I was shocked and saddened to hear about the dogfighting. Unfortunately, when you look at it, it seems like he's had the same circle of friends he had as a kid."

    Vick hardly helped himself or the Falcons when he gestured obscenely to fans at the Georgia Dome following a lopsided loss to New Orleans last year. He promised the next day that he would never embarrass Atlanta fans again.

    "I don't know where it came from," Vick said last Nov. 27, "but the people who know me know that's not me and that's not my character."

    Vick was a 20-year-old Virginia Tech sophomore six years ago when Reeves drafted him No. 1 overall in the NFL.

    During his three seasons with Vick, Reeves considered him as a person who earned respect in the locker room but usually kept to himself once he left the team's complex.

    "Maybe that's because he kept hanging out with a few guys he grew up with instead of making more friends on the team,"
    Reeves said. "During the first two years, Mike prepared as hard as anybody. He never left anything on the field, and he had the kind of speed most people never saw at his position."

    After Vick made two starts in eight games as a rookie behind Chris Chandler, the Falcons named him their starter in 2002. He led them to the playoffs and a stunning wildcard win at Green Bay.

    Team owner Arthur Blank fired Reeves after Vick broke his ankle the following preseason and missed 12 starts. Atlanta went 3-1 when Vick returned, but his slow recovery all but ruined a season that finished 5-11.

    Neither Vick nor his legal representatives has spoken publicly since the indictment was released.

    The quarterback and his four associates will enter pleas Thursday at the U.S. District Court in Richmond, Va. The Falcons begin training camp the same day, but football seems the least of Vick's worries.

    If convicted of both felony charges, the four face up to six years in prison, fines of up to $350,000 and restitution.

    "When look at the big picture, you're talking about a quarterback who's had all the ability in the world, a guy who could've accomplished great things," Reeves said. "Maybe he still can, but it seems like he's made it awfully tough on himself."

    Hmmmmmm, he's still hanging out with his old friends???? Sound familiar yet he get a pass until the judicial system runs it course....Pacman get a year and no cash.....
  19. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru

    Someone should sit down with Michael Vick and explain the facts of life to him. What he is accused of, dogfighting, is a felony, punishable by jail time.

    He is being prosecuted by Federal prosecutors, not a local prosecutor, who just got his/her license yesterday. The Feds have a 95% conviction rate. If they have something on you, there's a very good chance you're going away for a VERY long time.

    He and his lawyers should plead down ASAP, IMO.
  20. Omen

    Omen Speeling Be Champions Staff Member

    i said yes suspend him roger doesnt have to wait for any court or such why bc the nfl is basically his baby his company he is the ceo and the falcons his employee which makes Vick rogers employee. So roger can suspend fire any of his employee's for breaking the companies rules