Shut the Funk Up, Vol. 2: The Jeff Garcia-Boz Scaggs Edition

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    I don’t like Mina Kimes.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t watch her. She’s on basically every one of ESPN’s numerous information outlets so she’s hard to avoid. I listen to her. I’m just not particularly a fan of her work. To be fair, that’s an opinion I share for most of ESPN’s on-air personalities.

    However, just because I don’t like Mina Kimes doesn’t mean I don’t respect her opinion or question her ability to report the news or break down game film as she sees fit. Any male sports fan who has a problem admitting Kimes is on the air because she knows more about football than you is the same type of guy who starts bar fights for no reason.

    It is perfectly okay to not like Mina Kimes. It is even acceptable, and perhaps even natural, to be intimated by what she knows or admittedly sometimes doesn’t know. What is NOT okay is to say she’s ill-equipped to do her job because she’s never thrown a pass in the NFL, which is code for, she’s a female so she must not know what she’s talking about.

    Enter Jeff Garcia.

    Funk Round 2: Shut The Funk Up, Vol. 2: The Jeff Garcia-Boz Scaggs Edition - Sports Chump
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    Last week your post had me listening to Bootsy (mostly his JB stuff) and now I have to listen to some Boz today.
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    I have one more in the queue, an edition three that will as of now remain nameless, but it's a good one.

    I look forward to challenging myself with this.

    Thanks as always for the support, Dawk.
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    I absolutely LOVE Mina Kimes. I'm subscribed to her podcast and I try to listen to it when I can. She's funny, she does know a lot more about football than me, and I have no problem with that. I also love how she handles her haters on Twitter.

    I'm also surprised during the whole Jeff Garcia fallout nobody ever mentioned T.O.'s legendary quote..."if he talks like duck, and walks like a duck..." I found it funny, to be honest. Gay jokes are really a no-no in 2022. It's ok, I guess...

    Mina is a big girl, and she handles the hate like a pro.
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