"Site Extras" Button Broken?

Discussion in 'GridironFans Support' started by Marion Who?, May 28, 2008.

  1. Marion Who?

    Marion Who? Captain Stiff Arm

    For some reason there is no fold down list on the button, it just refreshes the page.I am also having an eror on the post screen. All of the icons are just not working (The bold button, right through to the wrapping mp3 tag). The smilies box are not working either. Everything is broke. :icon_sad:It's probably my PC, but does anyone have an idea how to fix it?
  2. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Sorry MW sounds like a PC problem, the drop down menu is working fine, as are the smilies sounds like it's time for a new PC.
  3. Marion Who?

    Marion Who? Captain Stiff Arm

    Yep, thought so. It's a bag of crap, run down Windows ME. But were skint and unlucky. My dad nabbed a PC from work, it was great, but the net didn't work so it's basically useless.
  4. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Windows ME? :icon_eek: Man, I feel so sorry for you...
  5. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    It may be a problem with your cache, have you tried emptying it? I had a similar problem a couple of months ago but that involved the Gridironfans.com banner at the top not showing up.