Sitting QB Peyton Manning Took Away Chance Of Perfection

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by Sweets, Dec 28, 2009.

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    The Colts players wanted the perfect season: "Who wouldn't?" Reggie Wayne said. "I mean … who wouldn't? Doesn't everybody want to be a part of history? Not a season goes by that you don't hear about the '72 Dolphins." He paused. "I guess there's a bigger picture," Wayne said. "We all wanted to play, but the big dog (Caldwell) made a decision and we have to roll with that decision. We came out after halftime and felt like we were starting to roll and could score some points, but the manager took us off the mound."

    Source: Indy Star
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    better to rest players and have them healthy for the playoffs rather then unnecessary injuries just to sooth some egos.
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    If Indy doesn't win the Superbowl you can bet your balls Caldwell is going to here about how he iced his red hot team by not going for the perfect season.
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    Gee, duh! I do agree with Jim Caldwell though on what he did.
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    And if someone got hurt when they didn't need to they'd question him too.

    I think he's playing it right.

    Look at the Saints... QB and Coach talking all that 16-0 bs, that doesn't mean anything and now they are all fizzled out. Maybe they can get it going come playoff time, maybe not.

    I also think if they Pats dropped a game they go on to win the SB42. 16-0 shouldn't be a climax. Don't blow your load till the big game.
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    I hope the Colts come out flat in their first play-off game and lose. That will teach them a lesson :icon_frown:
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    all i heard/saw all day on the tv/radio/internet is how the colts are somehow short-changing every nfl fan in the world by not going for perfection..................... I can't believe how wound up people are getting at this subject.

    i actually agree with polian/caldwell that the colts should ONLY be focusing on a SB championship. However, I don't agree with resting starters in any situation, unless they're nursing injuries. You still play to win every game and keep your team sharp but you don't set 16-0 as a team goal because then when it doesn't happen, you screw yourself mentally for the playoffs, which makes you also fail in your goal for a championship.

    Maybe the Saints will prove me wrong on this but I feel pretty comfortable with it at this point.
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    Oh Reggie...
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    what a stupid move, Caldwell has no faith in his team winning it all, or staying healthy so he quits on the perfect season when he would have had it, they have a bye week anyways they could rest their starters and everyone on that week, no need to rest the starters on the last two games that should have been a win