Sixers Have Meeting With Allen Iverson

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by ball in the baskett, Dec 1, 2009.

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    chris ford.

    lets not forget iverson's issue with the indictments ofr the assuklt and gun charges that somehow got thrown out and for some reason the judge does not practice law anymore.

    if he can come in here and be a team player and teach these kids how to win it will go a long way and it will allow iverson to end his career the right way.

    btw - mondays game is soldout already.
  2. ball in the baskett

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    Thats crazy the team was second to last in attendance first game is sold out lol. I cant wait to see the game myself and after this losing streak the sixers are on it cant come fast enough.
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    im off monday, can't wait.
  4. ball in the baskett

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    I wonder if there gonna nationally televise it probably not im gonna have to find a stream cause i dont get comcast.
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    Yeah, that's who it was I think. The guy did a really good job, and unfortunately Iverson treated him like dog crap and the guy never had much of a chance. Iverson had gotten hurt or something or simply refused to play and the team had went on a winning streak without Iverson at the time and started playing a lot better.

    With as bad as the team was when Iverson left, I'm really shocked that Philly thinks he can help them do much. Iverson going there does that make them a contender at all. I would think that Philly fans would have learned who the real AI was after watching him pout away on 3 other teams the last few teams and realized that he was the same guy when he was in Philly all of those years. The only difference is that those other organizations didn't put up with that crap from Iverson and sent him to the bench and weren't going to let AI hog the ball all game long and have the ball in his hands. It's amazing to me that Philly fans want this guy back.
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    Actually we are about the same as we were with iverson barley make the playoffs 7th or 8th seed 1st round knocked out. We have been at 50% wins or less every season maybe like 2 games above i forget.Are you watching the sixers right now there horrible and dont have anyone that could play for lou williams cause holiday is a rookie.
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    So you go right back to something that didn't work for like 10 years, and think it's all of a sudden going to work now? What a great plan.

    The Sixers simply have the same problem they've had for years. They need a real superstar that can carry their team and make players all around the floor better. Iverson was never that player and certainly is nowhere close to being that guy now.

    There is a lack of superstars in the NBA now, and your team either has one that can carry your team and make you a contender or they don't. If you don't have one, your team isn't going anywhere. The Rockets have the same problem. No real superstar that can carry them.
  8. ball in the baskett

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    wow allen iverson is getting really emotional about coming back to philadelphia he could barley talk hes crying in his confrence
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    You dont give Larry Brown nearly enough credit

    Take Larry Brown away and that team wins 42 games and 1 and done in the playoffs

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    I honestly think If Speights develops into an 18-10 guy (which he is capable of) and Holliday into a Rondo Lite (which he is capable of) they could be a 50 win team. Addressing the Center position, unloading Dale and Brands contract, and finding some wing stoppers for the bench (think James Posey type) then they are in the discussion. They have a solid core IMO, they just need to fill it in.

    I didnt think bringing in Iverson would serve any real purpose but at the gate, but then Lou Williams got hurt. After that, no reason not to. They are in the lower end of it, but they are still a playoff quality team. No reason not to fight to get back again this year, no way they copuld be bad enough that they would have John Wall to look forward too
  10. ball in the baskett

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    well we do have the 3rd worst record in the league so far
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    Eh, season's still very young

    You guys may be in Cole Aldrich territory