Slumping Jaguars Sticking With QB Blaine Gabbert

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    Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey says he has no plans to switch to backup Chad Henne following Thursday night's 27-10 debacle against the Indianapolis Colts.

    Blaine Gabbert completed 18 of 31 passes for 209 yards, with an interception and three sacks, before leaving the game with a shoulder injury. Gabbert aggravated an injury to his non-throwing shoulder, but Mularkey says he should be fine for next weekend's game at Houston.

    Henne replaced Gabbert and completed 10 of 16 passes for 121 yards, including a 4-yard touchdown pass to Cecil Shorts III on his first drive.

    But Mularkey said there is no chance of turning to Henne on a more permanent basis.

    ''I don't think it's one guy,'' Mularkey said Friday. ''You always go to that guy. Not in here. Everybody is held accountable for why the offense is not functioning at a high level consistently, and I think that goes for everybody. That's including the coaches.

    ''Everybody's responsible, I believe, and I think we can always make each other better. Each position can play off of each other, but we've all got to play at a high level and coach at a high level for it to go. Not just one guy.''

    Source: Associated Press
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    well, right now, henne may be the better qb but they can't bail on gabbert yet. they need to at least give him through this season because of his upside.