Sources Say Colts QB Peyton Manning Regaining Strength In Throwing Arm

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    As the Peyton Manning saga inches towards a conclusion, optimism quietly is emerging that the quarterback will be ready for the 2012 season. Following comments made by Jeff Saturday last weekend during NFL Network's coverage of the combine -- the Colts center said, "He'll be playing football, I can assure you that" -- three sources with knowledge of Manning's rehab said that he's improved steadily in recent weeks in regaining strength in his grip and triceps, the two areas weakened by nerve damage. The result has been heightened throwing strength, though the rate of improvement, a key in all of this, is unclear. But it's been enough to have those around the quarterback convinced that he'll be ready to play in 2012. One source said Manning "feels good" about where he is in the recovery process.

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    I am still hoping the Colts, but I think the Jets would be the most intriguing. Going against the Pats twice a year and being in NY with Eli. Great stuff!
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    I think those are "nice" story lines, but why would Peyton want to deal with that garbage?