Sources Say Return Of QB Peyton Manning's Arm Strength Still Far Off

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    While teams are lining up for quarterback Peyton Manning, there is still the question of his health and arm strength. According to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, three NFL sources that have seen medical reports on quarterback Peyton Manning say the improvement of his arm strength appears to be going at a promising pace, although a full recovery is still far off. “So far, so good,†said a source with one of the many teams that is interested in signing Manning. “The question is still where is it going to stop, but the progress over the past month has been steady and that’s what you’re looking for.†Information was gathered from both Manning’s personal physicians and the Colts, who have sent all relevant information to teams that are interested in Manning. “Some of this stuff is in the eye of the beholder,†another source said. “I don’t think there’s anything there that would discourage you from going forward, but you’d have to consider the risk. Is this a situation where I would hand the guy [a lot of guaranteed money]? No, I would be hesitant because there’s still a ways to go … really, that stuff is outside my expertise, but it’s hard to know for sure that he’s absolutely going to be ready at a certain time. I think he’ll be OK, but I don’t know exactly when.†All three sources said the concern at this point is all about the nerve and strength regeneration in Manning’s right throwing arm. The cervical fusion in his neck is solid enough to continue playing football.

    Source: The Redzone
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    well, that's the thing. fans seem concerned about the neck holding up. the neck is not the concern. its the arm/shoulder strength and how far it can come back.

    i know a guy that had the exact same procedure 2 months ago and his entire upper arm/shoulder area has collapsed because it is so weak. There's literally a huge canyon in the dudes upper arm/shoulder area. it's disgusting.