South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney to enter NFL draft

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    It didn't take long for Jadeveon Clowney to share his decision regarding his football future, as theSouth Carolina defensive end said Wednesday he will skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft.

    Within minutes of the Gamecocks' 34-24 victory over Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl, Clowney was asked if this was his last season and if he was declaring for the NFL draft.

    His response to each question: "Yes, sir."

    Clowney is the top-ranked prospect by ESPN Scouts Inc. and No. 1 on ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper's Big Board.

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    he had a crapty year after that hit against michigan last year. he may fall out of the top 5.
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    This is the same Mel Kiper that had Geno Smith going number 4 to Philly!
    As I don't get to see a lot of college football I rely heavily on Scouts and analysts,and Kiper is someone I have learnt to avoid.
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    Dude quit on his team
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    They'll just look at his athleticism at the combine, go through the BS interviews and he'll go top 3. While it's true he backed off on his team (probably to avoid injury ahead of payday), pro scouts don't give a heck about that. He's now a piece of high-priced beef that only needs to perform on Sundays.
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    Dude has a lot to work on stamina wise. Early in the season he couldn't go more than 2 plays without having to come out for a breather.
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    Aint that the truth!
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    This^^^ I don't trust players that don't go all out every game. He protected is butt this year and to some extent I don't blame him, but that just means he will shut it down again when it's the right "business move".
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    Interesting risk for someone...

    So good at his level but has the taint of a kid with tons of athleticism but no hunger for the game. 'Quit on his team" is the key here. He gets to the NFL & there's a great chance he's just a great looking specimen with a tin man's heart & a banker's mentality.

    Saying that, suitors will line up around the block for this kid...