Southern California OT Tyron Smith Has Exceptional Pro Day

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  1. Southern Cal tackle Tyron Smith took a step towards the top of the draft Thursday at the Trojan's pro day. With every NFL team represented, the 20 year-old Smith timed a 4.91 40 while weighing in at 310 pounds and despite his ridiculously long 36 3/8" arms, today Smith also increased his bench mark from 29 to 31 reps. Playing at 280 pounds most of the year, scouts wondered if he could put on weight--and keep it on, but since the end of the year, when he had surgery on a torn mensicus, he's put on 30 pounds--including three additional pounds since the Combine despite working hard for this crucial workout. and given his youth and the intensity of NFL strength and conditioning programs, Smith should be able to at least stay above 300 pounds early in his career and probably approach 320 as his body matures. It appears the knee surgery is a thing of the past given his workout today. Combining a clean bill of health with the weight-room bench he showed today, the functional strength he showed on the field (playing well at right tackle at a svelte 280), sub 5.0 speed (with a 10-yard split in the low 1.7's) and exceptional footwork in drills means he could be the first offensive tackle off the board next month.

    Source: CBS Sports
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  2. There you have it.....he'll be the first OT off the board and a bonafide Top 10 pick in the draft.

    31 reps with those long arms are outstanding.

    He'll be an All-Pro left tackle in two-three years time when his body matures.
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    If he's not, you can be sure this thread will be bumped...
  4. K Train

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    im so impressed with on board with him as the ebst tackle by a landslide now
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    Yeah I love paying top 10 money to a guy who by the time he reaches his "potential" will be getting ready to become a FA in the next couple years.
  6. K Train

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    i like him alot more than solder who is all potential and has alot of crapty game tape out there.

    hes better than baker and charles brown as far as SC tackles go...i was really worried about his TE-like weight but if he gets that up with real weight and plays at 315 hes a stud. i like him more than most of the tackles this year besides carimi probably...and i think hes better than jason smith if your looking for that "supreme athlete" as a LT
  7. If he doesn't pan out......then throw it back in my face. I wouldn't expect anything less. :icon_cool:

    In fact....I'll do one better. I will be the first to admit so in this thread if he doesn't. l'll admit I was wrong about him and didn't pan out like I thought he would. But I won't regret having that much faith in him.

    I strongly believe he will pan out and have a great career as a blindside protector in the NFL. He has the's up to him to realize his great potential. He was one of my favorite players in the draft and was linked to the Giants at No. 19 two months ago.

    I would take him over anyone else at the No. 19 spot if available. But no way he'll last that long now. He'll be gone by the first 15 picks but I see him going in the Top 10.

  8. At least I'm not alone on Tyron. :icon_cool: I didn't mind it but it's nice to have company. I mocked Tyron at No. 9 to Dallas back when Prince Amukamara and Da'Quan Bowers were the trendy picks at that spot.

    Dallas' interest in Tyron seems to be growing by the day. They watched him up close at his Pro Day yesterday and even though JJ never spend a first round pick on a OL....I think Smith could finally buck that trend.

    He's the only OT in this draft that has "All-Pro LT" written all over him. His athleticism, strength and long arms would makes him a franchise LT. I don't know if Jones could wait another year addressing that need...especially after Romo's injury last season. And Dallas hasn't been in a position in the draft in sometime to have a chance to draft an OT like Smith that can be a really special player.

    I don't see that same kind of potential out of Doug Free. Smith could man that spot in a year at the earliest and give Tony the protection that he sorely needs.
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  9. Omen

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    O saw the video from the proday and he looks impressive he don't look fat which surprised me
  10. He said that he stopped eating junk. He said that he's having three meals day with a little snacking in between.

    He's gaining the weight properly and is really watching his diet. He's still pretty young at 20 so he has yet to max out his frame. He should be fine at 315 pounds but he could play at 320 without losing any of his trademark speed and quickness.
  11. K Train

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    im going to go ahead and say hes USCs best prospect since reggie bush....not that theres much competition other than the LBs
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    Wow bold statement ....yeah he looked like a Brock lesnar physique ...and he moved well ....I just hope whomever JJ picks doesn't bust
  13. Even for me.....for sure. lol

    But Smith is at the top of the O-Line class this year like I've said for quite sometime now.