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    Let me preface this post by saying it’s about fantasy football, my team, the Midnight Meat Train, so if that’s not your thing feel free to move on. However, if you are a fantasy football geek from fledgling to familiar, what you are about to read is the unlikeliest of final Sundays that escorted me into my fantasy football playoffs I had no business being a part of. I suppose sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

    Experience the inconceivable at: http://sportschump.net/2019/12/13/i...ay-back-ones-fantasy-football-playoffs/21465/
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    Each week in fantasy football is like this for someone in your league. It's even more exciting when its your team AND the playoffs. Kudos to you for making it this far... and just so you know, most of us spend 8 days a week on this stuff =)

    Good read, as always =)
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    Thanks, Brother Kurt.

    It's funny. You can watch a ball game with your fantasy team on the line and generally tell which way things are gonna go.

    I watched that Rams-Seahawks game and was like, I have a f**k**ing shot to win this thing even after shitting the bed.

    Then the guy who I needed to win has a cushy 20 point lead going into that Monday nighter, only to see it evaporate by a flaming hot Darius Slayton. So all was lost again.

    Until it wasn't.

    One more win for money. Wish me luck.
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    Lost last week in our knuckeheads dynasty league due to the Ertz double TD explosion on MNF. Was up 15 or so points... ERTZ went bonkers.. it almost feels as bad as the day after the Super Bowl when you realize the football season is over. Such a huge void.

    Good luck this week!
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    Unfortunately I was going against a guy who started Jameis and Perriman. The f**k**er also started the Vikings defense against the Chargers that got him like 29 points. What the f**k. Way to go, Rivers!
  6. Kurt

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    oh man.. it wasnt meant to be then.. lol.. huge pill to swallow!

    just keep being a degenerate and play fanduel