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    State of the Team Philadelphia Eagles

    The Eagles main beliefs are that they like to build through the draft and get missing pieces via Free Agency. It has been a solid and winning approach most of the way through the Reid/Laurie Era. This year the Birds opened Free Agency with a bang causing some to recall the same period in 2004 when the Eagles signed Jevon Kearse and acquired Terrell Owens and felt their missing pieces were finally found. That bang was the acquisition of star CB Asante Samuel on day one and they have been involved in discussions with many other players and teams throughout the entire process. It has to make fans feel good that their team does what it takes to have a chance to win in this league.

    Coaching Changes

    There were no major changes in coaching philosophy.

    2008 Team Needs

    The Eagles, based on talent and free agent signings, are going to be playing a lot more 3-4 Defense next season. Guys like Trent Cole, Juqua Thomas, Chris Clemons, Victor Abiamiri are some serious edge rushers. They will also employ a 4-3 nickel defense with 3 of the best corners in the game on the field at the same time. One weakness would be the safety position, Brian Dawkins is a rock but is getting up there and next to him has been mediocre play at best.

    Offensive line could have some concern with Winston Justice being blown up by Osi Umenyiora for 6 sacks last season, but Westbrook was also out of that game and he is an excellent blocker and aids the Oline. Id cough that up to first game and Osi being a beast, but again Andy always likes to be deep in the trenches.

    Wide Receiver has been a position of concern since Terrell Owens departure. Kevin Curtis and Donte Stallworth have been adequate, but they still lack that true #1 playmaker that Reggie Brown has not lived up to thus far.

    Special Teams was another problem a year ago. I could site two examples of games where it cost them victories, one being opening day at Green Bay. A KR/ WR would be ideal for them

    Possible Free Agent Solutions

    The only player that I could see them targeting is Bryant Johnson. He has the talent, size and skills to be a big time guy, but with a guy like Antonio Bryant signing before him makes me really question if he can put it all together. D.J. Hackett is another option, but has just scheduled his first meeting of the Free Agency period today, 3/12/08. As for other areas of concern, their options are to overpay in Free Agency or draft and pay cheap. The latter wins that debate everytime.

    Possible Drat Solutions:

    The Eagles currently hold the Following picks
    19(1st Round)
    49(2nd Round)
    80(3rd Round)

    In addition they have a 4th (111), 5th (146), 6th (177) & 7th (208). The Eagles are also going to receive 4 compensatory picks. One each from rounds 4-7.

    With the 1st rounder, They could go in a couple directions depending upon who is available. If Kenny Phillips is there, he is the no-brainer pick, even with everyone pegging the Eagles as taking a WR. Im telling you the Eagles value DBs a lot and Safety is a major need. If Phillips is gone, then a couple of the WRs are a possibility, one likely target being DeSean Jackson. Dont rule out the Oline as Chris Williams of Jeff Otah could be taken and then target a WR like Thomas, Hardy, Nelson

    in the 2nd round. If they are not looking for a WR, then shift it back to Oline/S. Also, the Eagles have many middle-late round picks and have never been shy about moving around. So, expect some of that.

    The 3rd round pick will be used to further fill holes not addressed in the first 2 picks. Possible selections are Chris Ellis as an edge rusher or Craig Steltz a great SS prospect who has had problems staying on the field, however played the entire season and led the Championship Tigers in tackles and would be a nice pickup should the Eagles miss out on Phillips.


    The Eagles have definitely improved in some areas where needed and have been aggressive in their quest to return to the top of the NFC East. This gives fans something to believe in and get behind with confidence. They are by no means complete, but the upcoming draft should fill a few more holes with a few more found pieces.
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    Good stuff, Mike. I like how you said the Eagles could go a couple directions with their first pick. We all know they will go a different direction than expected. They love throwing draft day curve balls at us. :icon_lol:
  3. burnout2oo7

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    Well, I wouldn't exactly call things like Mike Mamula and trading our first round pick to our most hated rival only to take a QB with our very next pick curve.....oh wait.:icon_eek:

    I would really like to see us get Kenny Phillips if he is there in the first round. We need to bring in his replacement now, so whatever youngster is taking over for him can learn a few things from one of the best to ever play the position (and one of the best influences ever to step into the Birds' lockerrooom).
  4. DawkinsINT

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    I fully expect them to address safety. Phillips would be nice.
  5. eaglesrule4ever

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    Kenny phillips would be nice in round one, But if for some reason he is gone before that pick. Then in round 2 i totally seeing us trading up for cornerback Reggie smith if we have to trade up for him. He has Decent speed for a Cornerback but in the Nfl they probably will move him to free safety. He Has good size to be a Nfl safety maybe gain 10 pounds but other than that he is a beast. He is also a nice quality return man who goes right upfield instead of trying to do those spins and things, he has been compared to brian mitchell when it comes to returning kicks. Would be a great pick in round 2 with all the versatilty that he possesses.
  6. burnout2oo7

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    Sounds good to me. I'm really hoping they kill two birds with one stone with one of their picks, and get a guy with starter potential that could pitch in this year as a solid return guy.
  7. DawkinsINT

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    Awful phrase to use when talking about the Eagles.
  8. burnout2oo7

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    :icon_redface: Where is my common sense?

    Fixed. :icon_thumleft:
  9. eaglesrule4ever

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    That is exactly what they could do with this guy, you can play him all over the field. The best thing about him is that he could play this year as a third cornerback that is if we keep lito, Then we could slide sheldon brown over to safety or do the exact opposit by having sheldon play the third cornerback position and just move Reggie smith over there, I like this pick just because it would give us more option on defense and let the eagles worry about the offense more with there first pick.

    Why i think he ment the seahawks and falcons. lol
  10. DawkinsINT

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    Agreed about how much he would help as a return man. They really seem to be addressing a much needed improvement to special teams. If they would have done it last year, playoffs.
  11. eaglesrule4ever

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    Definetly we should of kept bethel johnson, I think thats how you spell his first name.