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    State of the Team Indianapolis Colts

    The Colts went into the off-season like a championship caliber team should. Instead of overpaying for a Free Agent that may or may not be the missing element, they spent their money on keeping their own stars. The Colts are strong team with a great nucleus and excellent team leadership. The former champs are not happy with the way the season ended and will use a winning approach in their attempt to change the outcome this year.

    Coaching Changes

    There were no major changes in coaching philosophy. President Bill Polian was extended through the 2011 season. This is the right move considering the Polian-led Colts have posted a 105-55 regular-season record over the past 10 seasons, reached the playoffs eight times and won the Super Bowl after the 2006 season.

    2008 Team Needs

    OG/OT The Colts were able to re-sign Ryan Lilja, but Guard Jake Scott left as a free agent, so they might be searching for a new starter on the other side and at the very least they need some depth along the line. Back up tackles for both Tony Ugoh and Ryan Diem needs to be addressed to give Peyton Manning cover against injury as both were at times during the 2007 season. A versatile backup at all three positions would be ideal and eventually take over for Jeff Saturday, who will be 33 years old when season begins.

    D-line As the case with most perennial winning teams, needs become more about depth questions as winning teams have a great core of players to begin with. That being said, both Dwight Freeney & Robert Mathis are injury risks. Without a strong pass rush, the cover 2 becomes less effective. The same can be said about the importance of depth at DT. Ed Johnson was a nice surprise last season, but more players are needed along the whole line.

    WR Alex Gonzalez played great as a rookie and is perfect for the slot. Harrison entered the year of doom for WR, the 12th year. Most top level WRs have a significant drop in their 12th season. While Gonzo played well across from Wayne, another receiver brought in to eventually replace Harrison and allow Gonzo to play where he would be most effective.

    LB Keiaho replaced Cato June seamlessly, but with the loss of Boiman and Morris release creates a lack in personnel that will be addressed in the draft.

    Possible Free Agent Solutions

    As I stated before the Colts main objective this off-season was to sign their own. This wasnt shown more than in the fact that the Colts did not sign one Free Agent from another team. They re-signed Dallas Clark, Ed Johnson, Ryan Lilja, Bob Sanders, Jim Sorgi & Josh Thomas.

    Possible Draft Solutions:

    The Colts currently hold the Following picks

    (1st round) No first round selection Pick traded to San Fran in trade to get Tony Ugoh.
    59th (2nd round)
    93rd (3rd round)

    In addition they have a 4th (123), 5th (153), 6th (187) & two in the 7th (218 & 222)

    In the 2nd round, Indianapolis selects LB Erin Henderson. He is a fantastic tackler that, once he gets his paws on a guy, brings his man down. He can cover sideline to sideline. He has good straight-line speed with athleticism to match. He is a born leader with intelligence and good instincts. His experience at QB helps him to read the offense and diagnose plays quickly.

    With the 3rd round selection, the Colts fill the void left by Jake Scott by drafting Senior Guard Roy Shuening. Roy is a big guy with a big frame. He is strong and aggressive and gets a great push in the run game. He is strong at the point of attack and at the second level. His great technique gives him the ability to stop a bull rush from lineman cold. He needs to work on his hands, but that can be taught at the NFL level.


    Everyone knows the Colts Offense, led by Peyton, is going to put up points. Polian and Dungy will use the draft to fill in depth problems across the board. The Colts will be back in the postseason where they should be.
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