Steelers Anoint Keith Butler To Replace LeBeau As DC

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't look far for d**k LeBeau's replacement. The team announced Tuesday that Keith Butler will be the team's new defensive coordinator. Butler, 58, has been the Steelers' linebackers coach since 2003 and has been viewed as the team's DC in waiting.

    The legendary LeBeau announced his resignation from the Steelers over the weekend after 13 seasons, though he said he's not retiring. Butler spent 10 seasons as an NFL linebacker with the Seattle Seahawks from 1978-1987 after being drafted No. 36 overall.

    The elevation to defensive coordinator duties is no surprise as the Steelers have blocked teams who've requested to interview Butler for positions the past several years. Butler takes over a defense that could see a shape-shift this offseason, with the future of veterans Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor -- among others -- in question.
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    I think all Steelers fans knew this was coming after LeBeau was fired.

    Not thrilled with the way LeBeau was "let go" or "resigned." Not thrilled that Butler was handed the job without at the very least, seeing what was out there. People are saying it's good to have "fresh blood." I look at it like this is the same blood, nothing fresh about it. I'm thinking more along the lines that it's going to be the same type of shirt with a younger, less experienced coordinator. Butler said the team will run the 3-4 (which currently they don't have the talent for) and will also run the 4-3, making it sound ground breaking, however, the Steelers and LeBeau have been doing that for years...sounds like same old shirt.

    This defense will only get better with better talent. Butler won't last long if they don't make some free agent moves this off season.

    1. Extend Roethlisberger. Just give him a 6-year, $22M-$24M a year, with a nice bonus. Free up cap space in '15 and '16. Go heavier in '18 and '19. With the cap increases, should be easier to handle then.

    2. Get rid of the dead weight. Keisel, Taylor, Polamalu. Hate to say that because I love all three, but they hurt more than help when they are out there...age is a witch.

    3. Target Byron Maxwell and Pernell McPhee in free agency. Do whatever it takes to get them to Pittsburgh.

    4. Draft defense, defense, defense.

    I'll support the decision hiring Butler because it's my team, but I'm not thrilled with it. Tomlin is already sinking in my book...and this hasn't helped his case IMO.