Steelers Hope Dri Archer's speed is an asset

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    The Steelers began their three-day rookie minicamp Friday, and because Dri Archer was there, it wasn't a routine day on the South Side.

    The career of the young man who might be the fastest player in team history officially began.

    The Steelers have had fast players — Willie Parker, Dwight Stone, Mike Wallace and Ike Taylor among them — but Archer could turn out to be the fleetest of the fleet.

    “He's really fast,” said first-round draft pick Ryan Shazier, himself the fastest inside linebacker at the NFL Combine.

    How fast?

    Since the NFL Combine adopted its current sophisticated electronic timing system, Archer's 40-yard dash time of 4.26 seconds is the second-fastest to running back Chris Johnson's 4.24 in 2008.

    What really puts Archer's exceptional speed in context is his hand-held time of 4.18 in Indianapolis — one that puts him among the elite players in NFL history. Deion Sanders, for example, is one of the fastest defensive backs ever, and his 40 time was 4.21.

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    Archer is gonna be a playmaker. He will be dangerous is the backfield in spread formations or im the slot
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