Steelers LB James Harrison Fined $25K For Roughing The Passer

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by Sweets, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Re-GOD DAMNED-diculous.
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    of course the % matters. do you think if these guys were making arena-league type money that the fines would be $25k? No players would play because they could lose their entire yearly income in 1 play.

    so, do you also believe that if you only pay $20k in taxes a year, then Warren Buffett and Bill Gates should only pay $20k too because it's the 'same amount' and $20k may be 'significant' to Buffett and Gates?
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    Sure, read my signature under my sig pic it says it all.
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    Honestly I think you guys are getting away from the actual guts of the issue and that is NO MATTER WHAT THE FINE, those calls were bogus and he shouldn't have to pay for at least 2 possibly 3 of those instances. No one wants to pay any amount for calls that weren't really fouls and 2,000 or 20,000 money is money and no one likes giving it away.

    It isn't taxes it is extra money that is coming out of his paycheck that he didn't account for, that some stupid ref decided he hit or threw a player down a tad too hard...I'm telling ya Pussification of the NFL is alive and well and living in Goodell office.
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    yeah forget the amount of the fines, that's a totally different discussion. this is about the simple fact that the commissioner is acutally a sith lord and is slowly sucking the life out of this league.
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    You're totally missing the point. You're saying $125K isn't a big deal to James Harrison b/c he makes "$9 million" a year. It is obviously a big deal to him. It's a lot of money no matter who is paying the fine. If Riley Cooper is paying $125K it hurts his pocket more so than James Harrison, sure...but to say it doesn't hurt James Harrison is ridiculous. Regardless of what the %-tage is, $125K is a lot of money...that's the point. You have no idea how it affects him, how it affects Gates, Buffet or Riley Cooper.

    And really, taxes have nothing to do with

    Agree 100%
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    As usual, your missing the point. It's NOT alot of money to him. It's trivial and probably well worth the national media attention it's garnering him. The whole country is hearing his name ALOT more then his abilities on the field would ever warrant.
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    And as usual, you'd be wrong as his teammates and coach have said it's a lot of money to him (Lawrence Timmons as recently as today on the NFL Blitz, Mike Tomlin on Tuesday's NFL Blitz.)

    Sure it's a small percentage of his salary, there's no arguing that. However, it's a lot of money no matter who it's coming from and it's a lot of money to James Harrison.
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    Sure and they have NO motive to lie about the fact do they? They're particular axe to grind would be alot tougher to grind if they admitted the money didn't really mean crap to him.
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    Oh, I'm sure they are lying. The whole team is lying about being upset about it. So is Terrel Suggs...:icon_rolleyes: It's so obvious by them all also saying they aren't changing the way they play right?

    May be one of the dumbest posts I've ever
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    More proof the money doesn't mean crap... if it did matter then they would change the way they play and stop with the illegal hits each week.
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    Yeah that was a shady call, but if it looks wrong then it will be called on James Harrison.
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    He's just been bestowed with 'the honor' of being Goodell's poster child for 'illegal' hits.

    Might as well get used to it, James, cuz it's only going to get worse up to & including suspensions, well earned or not.
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    It's only a matter of time...
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    Let's see if they tag him again for planting Flacco last night
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    I would if I was goodell. No need for the way he body slammed him
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    lol...of course you would. You're a hater. Take the panties off missy.

    Text book tackle.
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