Steelers LB James Harrison's Son Attacked By His Dog

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by wide right, May 22, 2009.

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    I think he stated that he'd be flipping burgers if he didn't get to play in the NFL.
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    Its called training. You get a dog, you train a dog, he becomes obedient.

    Blame the owner. To blame the dog when his owner obviously hasn't trained him right is wrong.
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    great job by everyone who understands that this is a human error and not the dogs fault. if a dog is overly aggressive, especially to humans, it's from poor training. and to top this one off, crappy parenting was involved by not protecting a very small child.

    very sad story. hopefully the kid will be fine and the people involved will have learned their lesson.
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    get a golden retriever or a little chow or something... freaking what the hell.
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    First off, I hope the kid will get well soon and it left nor physical, neither physiological scares

    Basicly I agree, but some dogs are ticking timebombs and no training will get this out of them.

    Bad parrenting? Maybe for this case, but a lot of attacks happen to strangers. If you're in a park with your toddler in a buggy and a dog comes out of nowhere attacking the kid (happend here a while ago), how is this bad parenting? A dog owner is responsable for his dog actions and is requested always have control over the animal.
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    The AP is reporting that Harrison's son is doing well...
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    this is what matters most.
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    Wrong, I 100% believe its all in the way they are raised, but thats for a different time and place. I hope the kid recovers, mentally and physically.
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    Just an FYI for all of you bashing Pits, they are actually 4th on the list of biting incidents across the country.....

    1. German Shepards
    2. Rotweilers:icon_rolleyes:
    3. Poodles
    4. Pit Bulls
    Wow, imagine if we banned poodles and the other 2.
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    don't know if i would say they should all be muzzled though because ultimately it's not the dog's fault that he's a dog. In all reality, this is a parental issue because they allowed the toddler to get that close to the dog's mouth for whatever reason. bad parenting. sorry, no way around this one guys. that's some pretty crapty parenting there.

    Pit bulls are a tough call. I know people that have them and raise them right and they're great dogs. They are definately naturally aggressive, but most stories you hear the dog was brought up to be a mean tough dog...just bad ownership and parenting like captain stubbing said.
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    You could probably make the argument for German Shepards and Rotrweilers. With poodles, it's like saying more kids get shot by rubber bands then by guns. Lets ban rubber bands and guns. And is that total dog bites, or per animal? I would think there are a lot more poodles than pit bulls (although probably not in the NFL).
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    Hopefully the kid will be ok. I have been bitten in the face by a dog (mutt) and had to have surgery to fix it. No fun.