Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Says He Wants To Be A Role Model

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    At his first Super Bowl XLV press conference Monday, Ben Roethlisberger again wasn't inclined to "reflect" on matters surrounding his four-game suspension at the start of this season. But he did look ahead to something he said he hopes to achieve beyond Sunday's game. "I want to be a role model. I want people to look up to me. I like when kids wear my jersey," the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers told dozens of media representatives crowded around his interview platform at the team hotel. He elaborated on that later, saying he meant more than being a role model as an NFL player. "Absolutely, there's a lot more to it than just that," he said. "You want to be a good person. You want to be some day, hopefully, a good father, husband, whatever that entails, grandfather and all those things. I think there's a lot of people you can be role models to."

    Source: USA Today
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    Too late.
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    I'd trust him with my daughter.
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    First you should respect women when they say no...........wait what? you aww man don't tell me you no you didn't... they said no.... you still... damn there goes that idea before it started
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    Does the beard make him look more, or less like a pipe cleaner?
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    Amazing...just when you think he can't get any more stupid.........
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    he goes and does something like this.

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    He should be a role model. Kids have to know to look out for money grubbing women. They'll try to do anything to take you down. While your tossing a pass to little Johnny on the playground, little Betty is over there by the swings et with her other tramp friends plotting to take your lunch money and seat on the bus.
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    Hisself??? Really????
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    Wow, that was really funny.:Loco: RIIC dude.
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    Does he wear a helmet on his motocycle now?
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    He is a role model already...for rapists.
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  14. Crowned

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    Weak material Andy, bad start to the day.
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    hes my role model
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    ..and this guy's

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    How many co-eds can he say no 2 first...and this should be a reality show.
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    Y'all need to step ya game up. Waste of time reading these lame butt attempts at humor.
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    I agree. There's still some quality jokes to be made, but you guys are cold. I'm willing to hand out rep to anyone who can bring the lulz.