Steelers Rashard Mendenhall Questions Widespread Joy Over Bin Laden's Death

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by Sweets, May 3, 2011.

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    As sporting teams, fans and athletes across America Monday celebrated the news Osama bin Laden had been killed, Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall was raising eyebrows with his views on the terror leader. Through various posts on his Twitter account, Mendenhall questioned the widespread reaction of joy at bin Laden's demise, while also expressing his doubts as to whether the public really knew the truth about 9/11. "What kind of person celebrates death? It's amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We've only heard one side," Mendenhall wrote, before adding his view on the Twin Towers attack. "We'll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style." Mendenhall has caused controversy via his Twitter account in the past, agreeing with Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson's comment that compared the NFL labor situation to slavery in the lead up to the lockout.

    Source: FoxSports
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    I'm sure the Rooney's aren't happy about this, they are very pro-military aren't they?
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    Mendenhall is an idiot on his twitter. This isn't surprising. He's quite bitter towards the women as well...
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    wow, how stupid is this guy ? we never heard obama speak ? never got his side ? really ? so all the videos of bin laden claiming he was behind the twin towers attack just somehow got passed mendy ?

    my god i actually might consider getting a twitter account just to light this dipcrap up.
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    I love when the un-educated types speak!! It makes for a good day.
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    Not if you're Mendenhall. In his world it's Osama Obama.
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    He's an idiot about only hearing one side, but not about celebrating his death.

    When the alien overlords come to judge us do you think they'll really be able to tell the difference between this


    and this

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    yes because english is the official language of the alien overlords.
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    Sweet. Guess we have a leg up then.
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    How did they get to be alien overlords if they can't even tell when a flag is hung upside down?
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    But how would they know ours isn't the one that's upside down? That's very nationalist of you.
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    these are all questions we need to ask a mormon to get answers.
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    Or a scientologist.
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    Maybe they elected an alien overlord leader who was a C-student at a prestigious alien college and he invaded us for entirely unclear reasons (maybe to complete the previous time when his dad invaded us?) while convincing the aliens that we were hiding something dangerous that was really on Mars or Venus the whole time. That would probably make them good and ready to judge us.
    But it's still hard to tell the difference between the two photos and Mendenhall is still probably an idiot.
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    Ok guys......
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    Wow. Mendenhall really is an idiot. -SMH-
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